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Buying Guide For Tub Drains



Most drains or waste and overflow are manufactured in PVC, partially because of cost. Still, we cannot underestimate the benefits and features of PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride). PVC is a high strength thermoplastic material; it is very flexible; it is the 3rd most widely produced synthetic polymer.

The second most widely used material for drains is brass. It might be because the consumer is looking for something more durable or because the drain is exposed and needs to match a specific finish. When it comes to brass, you will find that it is available in different thicknesses, anywhere between 17 and 22 gauge. In this case, the smaller number identifies the thicker gauge.Types

When it comes to function, each one accomplishes the same objective differently.Trip Lever Style

This type is by far the most popular; this drain includes a tubular device attached to a linkage, which in turn is activated by the trip lever located on the overflow cover plate; when the trip lever is activated, the tubular device, commonly known as the bucket drops to block the flow of water from the tub into the drain system.

With time the rust or mineral deposits on the trip lever mechanism prevent it from working correctly, which may require the replacement of the entire mechanism, an economical and easy task to accomplish.


It is a bit more traditional in its styling, very reliable as it doesn’t have any springs or linkages; as the name implies, its operation only requires that the user lifts the drain plunger and turns it a few degrees to allow the water to drain. A quick turn and gravity does the rest to plug the tub; this type of drain will give you many years of trouble-free performance.

Toe Touch

This type of drain is spring activated, a pretty reliable system; with time, the spring may lose its tension, but that part can be easily replaced

Plug type

The most simplistic and traditional type of drain consists of a rubber plug attached to a chain. The user merely needs to insert the rubber plug to close the drain or pull on the chain to remove the plug.

Special purpose

Because of the large number of different tub configurations, the standard tub drain will not fit the tub in many cases. Kingston Brass has developed a double pivoting drain that will allow you to adjust the angle to match your tub’s slope.