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Buyer's guide: The best materials for bathroom faucets

Buyer's guide: The best materials for bathroom faucets

Revamp your bathroom with confidence by considering key factors when selecting new fixtures. A harmonious style, affordability, and durability are crucial in choosing the perfect bathroom components, including faucets. To assist you in making the right choice for your remodeled space, here's a practical guide to selecting the ideal materials for your bathroom faucets:

Brass Faucets

Renowned by home remodeling experts, solid brass faucets are the top recommendation. This dense and resilient material ensures longevity with minimal leaks or repairs. Brass can be electroplated in a myriad of finishes,


Stainless Steel Faucets

Stainless steel is another very sturdy and long lasting material commonly used in kitchens and commercial settings. As with Brass a properly maintained stainless steel faucets can last you up to 50 years, usually the determining factor in selecting this type of is more related to aesthetics than material.


Ideal for budget-conscious renovators, zinc is a cost-effective alternative to solid brass. However, zinc and zinc-alloy faucets don’t enjoy the same life span as brass, faucets made in this material will show their age a lot sooner than brass faucets, but because of it’s lower cost, it is preferred by multi-housing maintenance engineers.



Consider the Finish

Faucet finishes not only contribute to the style but also provide protection. Consider pairing these finishes with brass bathroom faucets for enhanced durability:


Versatile and popular, chrome finishes complement various bathroom styles. They are affordable, resistant to scratches and damage, and easy to clean.




Satin Brass and Vintage (antique) Brass finishes are particularly appealing in traditional or transitional  bathroom designs. Although pricier, brass faucet finishes offer durability and effortless maintenance because of the PVD technology used in their finishing process.




Nickel finishes are highly durable but come at a higher cost. They provide long-lasting elegance to your bathroom fixtures, Both Satin and polis