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Benefits of Having a Deep Soaking Tub

Benefits of Having a Deep Soaking Tub

A deep soaking tub is designed to be deeper than the average bathtub. Instead of laying in a reclined position, you sit more upright, similar to how you might relax in a chest-deep swimming pool or lake.

Today, many homeowners have discovered that extra deep soaking tubs are no fad. There are several advantages to putting one in your bathroom, including saving space, aesthetics, health, and more.

Furthermore, we offer a wide range of extra-deep soaking tubs in various finishes to fit any bath. Read on to see how they can improve your quality of life.

1. You can save space.

Due to its greater depth than a standard tub, an extra deep soaking tub is naturally shorter length-wise. You can sit comfortably when you’re in the tub, so it doesn’t have to be as long.

This design means the tub will take up much less square footage than a standard model. Also, because you can sit upright, comfort isn’t sacrificed at all. Many report that an extra deep soaking tub is more comfortable and ergonomic than a regular tub.

One such option is our Aqua Eden Acrylic Rectangular Freestanding Tub is only 51 inches long and includes a seat, letting you save space in your bath.

2. They’re stylish.

One of the greatest benefits of extra deep soaking tubs is that they’re effortlessly chic and modern.

An extra-deep tub's greater depth makes it easier to shape them into aesthetically pleasing, artistic designs. Many tubs have a modern look that’s ideal for incorporating extra features like hydrotherapy and lighting. Because they take up less space, they are perfect for a minimalist look.

You’ll find extra deep soaking tubs with simple, clean lines and striking colors. These tubs also come in various finishes to let your creative instincts run wild.

3. They’re more energy-efficient.

An extra-deep tub has another hidden benefit—it retains heat for longer periods. Consider a conventional bathtub. Because of its shallower depth, there is more surface area for heat to escape the water in the tub. A deep tub has less surface area, which allows the water inside to store heat more effectively. In some cases, an extra deep tub can keep heat six times as efficiently as a standard one.

For example, our 67-Inch Cast Iron Double Ended Clawfoot Tub by Aqua Eden is 17.38 inches deep and loses less heat than other clawfoot tubs.

Deep soaking tubs usually also require less water to fill. This means better water conservation and a warmer bath—great for both the water and heat bills.

4. Lower risk for accidents.

With a deeper tub, you’re seated in an upright position instead of lying down. This makes them easier to enter and exit than conventional tubs.

This is a significant benefit for those with less mobility or stiff joints. The integrated seat also serves as a step that makes it easier to enter without slipping.

Extra deep tubs are recommended if you have:

  • Chronic conditions or pain
  • Minor or major injuries
  • Arthritis or limb/joint stiffness
  • Mobility issues

However, check with your doctor or try a deep tub yourself before committing to purchase to know if it’s a good fit for your needs.

5. Better for shared bathing.

If you enjoy a bath for two, an extra deep tub makes things a bit easier. The shape and design of the tub create more space for two people to share the space. Both bathers can sit upright and enjoy being fully immersed in water.

For a stylish example of a great tub for shared bathing, check out the