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Bathroom color spotlight: Gray

Bathroom Color Spotlight: Gray


The color gray doesn’t get enough attention when it comes to interior design. It often takes second place to bright hues and classic combinations like black and white. But gray is the new hot color, and is even upstaging neutrals such as ivory, taupe and beige. Gray provides a timeless and elegant feel to your bathroom and is extremely versatile so you can match it with a number of hues and styles. Certain shades of gray can give off a rustic, farmhouse feel, while others evoke a casual elegance. Here’s a guide to using gray in the bathroom, including what other colors to pair it with and how you can incorporate the glamorous shade:

Choose The Right Tone
Once you decide on the mood or ambiance that you would like for your bathroom, you’ll have to choose a shade of gray that evokes that feeling. Gray can range from dark to light and some even have undertones of blues greens and purples. The key is to look at the other colors you have in your bathroom and see which gray hue would best match.

Shades with hints of green are frequently used because they complement a number of wood tones and other natural colors. This shade might go well with a vintage style bathroom or a rustic, country farmhouse design.