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7 ways to speed up washing the dishes

7 ways to speed up washing the dishes


While nobody necessarily likes doing the dishes, it’s a household chore that must be completed in order to keep a clean kitchen. There are some kitchen accessories that can’t be cleaned in the dishwasher, so they must be washed by hand. Don’t spend your whole evening tending to the dishes – here are a few tricks that will make this household chore go by faster:

Keep dirty dishes in a bin
Coming up to a sink filled to the brim with dirty dishes is not only intimidating, it makes washing each dish much more difficult. This way, you can fill up your sink with soapy warm water and get to work on each plate, cup and bowl.

Opt for a farmhouse sink
Leaning over the kitchen sink to do the dishes is never fun, plus you end up with puddles of water soaked in