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7 Signs the Kitchen Needs a Facelift

7 Signs the Kitchen Needs a Facelift

Even if the kitchen started out as completely up-to-date and sparkling with the “just installed” glow, there comes a time when the glow fades, and the sparkle dulls. The good news: There are undeniable and easy-to-detect signs that the kitchen needs a facelift.

Here’s a list of seven things to look for.

If the kitchen’s not working, expand the function

There was a time when having one task area was commonplace in kitchens. In today’s modern kitchen, prep time can be dramatically reduced by adding just a few things to the sink area.

Adding a prep sink keeps the main sink open and available for other tasks or even to add a helper. Kingston Brass offers a wide range of prep sinks and faucets in various finishes, like this 15-inch under-mount sink in Articstone from the Gourmetier collection. The matte white finish of this prep sink and mounting type can provide a country kitchen touch with all the modern convenience and craftsmanship.

To maximize time when cooking for a group or just to test your culinary skills, a pot filler faucet from Kingston Brass can decrease the time walking back and forth to your sink and increase the time spent actually cooking. Pot filler faucets are installed either beside or on the backsplash of your stove to make filling large pots with water a snap. Take a look at the pot filler faucet with an antique brass finish from the Duchess line.

Structure matters

After years of use and just the wear and tear of exposure to kitchen elements, fixtures can start showing signs of age. Watch for pock marks or pitting in fixtures to know when it’s time to replace them. Pitting is especially prevalent in less expensive fixtures. Kingston Brass fixtures are of the highest quality and resist pitting and pockmarks. Faucets, sinks, and even cabinet pulls can suffer over time from this unattractive sign of corrosion. Browse from over 20,000 in-stock items at Kingston Brass to find long-lasting replacements like this beautiful and stylish pull-down faucet with two handles and an antique brass finish from the Concord collection.

Get rid of mold

The black, slimy residue around faucets and sinks is not only unattractive to look at; it’s actually microorganisms. If sinks have this gross goo, then the cook is not the only one in the kitchen. These residues are the growth of naturally occurring mildew, sometimes along with harmless bacteria. The mildew grows on any moist surface, like sinks, faucets, and other kitchen fixtures exposed consistently to water.

It’s not always a sign that fixtures need to be replaced, but if kitchen areas are cleaned religiously and still seeing mold and mildew, the fixtures may have gaps or inconsistent seals that allow water to seep through and sit. Replacing these fixtures with new ones from Kingston Brass gives the kitchen a visual boost and a clean start. This center set faucet from the Victorian collection at Kingston Brass comes in several finishes, including antique brass.

Not able to handle the handles

Whether the cabinet pulls and handles were inherited with the home or personally chosen by the homeowner, time takes its toll on all things, including cabinet handles. Besides replacing all the big appliances, there’s no faster way to update a kitchen than with a little paint and some beautiful new cabinet handles and pulls.

Everything under the kitchen sink

Though everything that’s taking center stage in the kitchen visual will stand out first, it’s also important to look under the sink to ensure there are no leaks, mold, mildew, or structural problems. In this case, out of sight and out of mind should not apply, or there will surely be more significant problems down the road. So call a plumber to get an inspection or, if there's a problem, do-it-yourself with parts and accessories from Kingston Brass. From P-Traps to plumbing trim kits, Kingston has the parts.

Add some storage space

If the kitchen is running out of storage space or officially ran out sometime in the last decade, it may be time to organize or expand the cabinets or pantry.

With a quick visual inspection, we all know whether a little organization could help make storage more efficient and spacious. We also know when i