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6 Reasons to Stop Following Design Trends and Go With What You Love

6 Reasons to Stop Following Design Trends and Go With What You Love

Scrolling through social media is a great way to get design ideas for your home. Each platform has a seemingly endless selection of accounts from around the world, giving you a sneak peek into the creativity and resourcefulness of homeowners and designers who turn rooms into unique spaces. You may walk away feeling inspired to tackle a new project and discover how to use your own creativity around your home.

It's easy to fall for the Instagram-worthy design you see online and in the real world. With the proper lighting and angle, every photo shot creates a sense of perfection. You don’t see the pets and children running around in the background or the toiletries left on the bathroom sink during a hurried morning rush. You don’t see the water splashes dripping down the side of the perfectly positioned vessel sinks. Instead, these photos and videos reflect a moment in time that doesn’t always reflect real life.

If you love seeing what other people do in their homes, go right ahead and keep scrolling. However, it’s also helpful to remember that you don’t have to copy everything you see. Your home is your home, and you should have the freedom to turn it into a space that feels comfortable to you and works for your lifestyle. Here’s why it’s okay to stop following design trends and go with what you love.

1. It’s your home.

You and your family — not the designer — are the only people who have to live in your home. There’s nothing wrong with surrounding yourself with pieces that you love. One designer may proclaim that “white is out” and show you a series of kitchens featuring brightly shined stainless steel sinks and polished fixtures. That doesn’t mean you have to give up the vintage-style farmhouse sink with a dramatic oil-rubbed bronze gooseneck faucet that beautifully complements your cabinets and counters. Stick with what you love simply because you love it.

2. Trends come and go.

Clawfoot bathtubs with freestanding faucets may be all the rage this year, only to be replaced by more minimalistic Roman-style faucets the following year. If you’re keeping up with the latest trends, you may be busy. Switching out a faucet may not seem like an intrusion — after all, it’s usually a relatively simple weekend project — but updating your hardware every year costs time and money. You may even find yourself spending more time looking for and integrating trendy pieces than you do actually enjoying them.

3. You have to live with the design.

The social media influencers you follow online don’t live in your home. What works for them may not be conducive to your lifestyle. If you don’t like the way a pull-down faucet splashes around the edges of your kitchen sink, you don’t have to install one, even if everyone else is raving about how convenient and attractive they are. A polished brass faucet may be gorgeous against the deep green walls in the bathroom, but if you don’t want to wipe it down every day to keep spots away, you may be happier with a finish that requires less maintenance.

4. It’s okay to be yourself.

When you follow trends, your home looks just like everyone else’s. However, choosing the pieces you like lets you create a space that reflects you. That familiarity gives your home a sense of comfort, where you feel like you fit right in. If you appreciate the simple designs of a minimalist style, you will likely feel more comfortable with a faucet featuring straight lines and limited curves instead of a vintage design. If you prefer a traditional look, you may choose a top-mount sink instead of a trendy