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4 Ways to Draw the Eyes with Dark Tones

4 Ways to Draw the Eyes with Dark Tones


The fall and winter seasons are now rolling around as we approach the end of the year. Days are shorter and the air grows chillier as we prepare for the holiday season. Some say the latter half of the year brings gloom, but this phenomenon does not necessarily have to be bad. Many perceive darkness with low spirits and sorrow, but there is an unparalleled elegance that is associated with such deep and profound hues.

For the previous couple of years, minimalist white walls and token pops of color constituted some of the most admired homes. HGTV, Pinterest, and more showcased gorgeous homes that undoubtedly centered themselves around the allure of natural, earthy tones. Homeowners undeniably admired their ability to seemingly both expand and brighten any room. This fact holds true, and light hues were all of the rage for quite a while.

However, darker pigments are now on the rise. Allow the stunning “gloom” of the season to inspire your next home remodel, and let its characteristic palette warm up your home. Shades of blacks, blues, and greys can create a cozy and welcoming oasis. On a rainy day, nothing sounds better than the open arms of a snug sofa, a steaming hot chocolate, a velvety throw, and a favorite television show. Create a year-round snug sanctuary with the help of a dark color palette.