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3 Tip-Top Countertop + Backsplash Duos That Make a Splash in the Kitchen


The centerpiece of homes is almost always the kitchen. As the central location for communal get-togethers, family dinners, meal preparation, and more, the kitchen should both serve the household well and look fantastic. The everlasting question regarding kitchen refurbishment is how to pair the right countertop with the right backsplash. What colors, styles, textures, and materials couple well together?

First, we should discuss the basics. As the name suggests, a countertop is the surface of the counter within the kitchen. The backsplash is another term for the wall behind the countertop. Nowadays, in renovated homes, the backsplash serves as decorative ornamentation that is meant to flatter the countertop. From classic subway tiling to colorful Moroccan mosaics, the possibilities of creativity are endless and truly make an impact on the entire kitchen’s ambiance.

Thanks to our fabulous Instagram-trendy customers, we have compiled a collection of some of our favorite countertop and backsplash duos!

  1. Butcher block wood / white ceramic tile. The deep dues of the beautiful butcher block wood effortlessly contrast with the porcelain glisten of the white ceramic tile, creating an elegant farmhouse look. Unlike stone-top counters, wood creates a unique vintage flair and additionally adds warmth to the entire kitchen’s ambiance. The paired white ceramic tile is configured in the traditional subway design and wraps the entire alluring look. The inclusion of the classic farmhouse sink and polished chrome bridge faucet flawlessly perfect this timeless picture. Because of its exclusivity, something so simple as white ceramic subway tiling looks absolutely stunning when paired with a material as unique as butcher block wood. With the refinement and soundness of the butcher block wood as an essential foundation within one of the most central locations within the home, one may create the ideal vintage homestead.