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2022 Kitchen Faucet Buying Guide

2022 Kitchen Faucet Buying Guide


Featured Image – @ciarakenaston from Instagram – SKU: KS7791ALBS Within the kitchen are numerous functional elements. From the refrigerator that keeps food cold to the sink that piles up with dishes, the kitchen is all about the functional components of life.

Simultaneously, many of these functional elements offer homeowners the chance to implement a touch of design. While the goal might be to create a space where food can be stored, cooked, and cooled, the reality is that a kitchen is also a stylistic expression of a homeowner’s personal taste.

At the center of the kitchen, helping to curate the space’s overall design, is the faucet. Any kitchen design can quickly be brought together with a simple upgrade to this functional yet style-heavy piece.

This kitchen faucet buying guide will walk homeowners through the variety of designs available, helping to hone in on the perfect pick based on a kitchen’s overall style.

Pull-Down Faucets

For those who love the idea of convenience and ease of use, the pull-down faucet is a great pick for large, open kitchen floor plans.

With multiple sprayer options, these pull-down faucets will free up counter space as the entire faucet functions as a sprayer. Additionally, these faucets are designed with high pressure, making them a great pick for quick cleanup.

Pull-down faucets are best pai