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Kingston Brass Introduces 21 New Kitchen Faucets

Chino, Calif. - February 22, 2019. - Kingston Brass, a kitchen and bath company renowned for its extensive inventory of faucets, sinks, and showers, unveiled a stunning 21 new faucets to their selection of Gourmetier brand faucets. Out of the 21 faucets, there are 4 pre-rinse faucets, 11 pull-down faucets, and 6 pull-out faucets. What makes these faucets special are their extremely fresh designs and their extendable hoses. “These faucets offer an incredible range of motion and ease of use,” said Tony Martin, Product Consultant of Kingston Brass. “I'm especially excited about our pre-rinse faucets. They offer the most versatility and looks-wise they are going to turn some heads. If Inspector Gadget was a faucet, it would be our latest pre-rinse model." Traditionally, pre-rinse faucets have the extendable faucet head only. Our four newest pre-rinse faucets add to this with a second faucet head. This second spout extends from the faucet stem, making these faucets true jacks of all trades. Whether you are aiming to clean the sink, fill a pot, tackle a difficult pan, or simply have a glass of water, there is no limit to what the water of these faucets can be comfortably applied to. "I shouldn't forget to mention our pull-out faucets as well," said Martin. “They retain the form of a more traditional faucet, without sacrificing the function that comes with a pull-down faucet. Either way, I'm excited to see the public's reaction to these beautiful fixtures." With these additions to the Gourmetier line, Kingston Brass aims to not only stay on the cutting edge of today's hottest trends but also push contemporary kitchen design to its limits.


Kingston Brass is headquartered in Chino, Calif. and was founded in 1998. They serve the plumbing community with their sustainable kitchen and bath products across the United States and globally around the world. For further information contact Kingston Brass at 1-877-2KBRASS or
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