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What are the Advantages of Using Solid Brass?



Choosing between hardware construction is a question many homeowners have to face. Ask yourself: What is the best material for the project?

The way to get to an answer is to know the properties of each choice. Solid brass fixtures are often chosen for vintage bath fixtures and other household items, but why? Here are the advantages of solid brass construction:

What is brass?

Solid brass is an alloy metal made from copper and zinc. There are many manufacturing methods used to create the hardware, including wrought, forged, cast and die-cut processes.


Strong – Solid brass is a strong and durable metal. The combination of zinc and copper contribute to the strength of the material.
Long-lasting – Unlike aluminum and plated steel, a solid brass fixture won’t need to be replaced because of rust or corrosion. While it can cost more in an initial investment, homeowners tend to save money in the long run since they won’t have to keep replacing the unit.

What is the difference between solid and plated?

Since solid brass is so desirable, hardware is often treated to look like