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Use These Unique Accessories to Evolve your Handshower

Use These Unique Accessories to Evolve your Handshower

When it’s time to renovate your bathroom, upgrading your shower can help add relaxing luxury to an everyday experience. Adding a handshower upgrades your shower, turning it into a virtual oasis. You can dramatically enhance your daily routine by including a few simple upgrades. Numerous hand shower holders, extended bars or hoses, and various showerheads are available, allowing you to customize your handshower.

If you’ve always wanted a bathroom that’s more like a spa, with several showerheads, various types of spray patterns, and a shower nozzle everywhere you’d like, it may be time to ponder a custom design. It’s often possible to string together a few unique shower accessories and fixtures to create a luxurious bathroom design. Add luxury to your shower with various accessories for your handshower. Consider including handshower mounts, hoses, and pins to customize your space.

Let’s take a look at some of the options available.

Hand Shower Mounts

Installing a handshower shower head by replacing the existing shower fixture is common. However, hand shower holders give additional mounting points when installing more detachable shower heads. Kingston Brass features a wide variety of hand shower holders that can be attached anywhere in the shower, making it easy to access a handheld shower head. The fixture can then be equipped with a slide bar of your choice, allowing for a custom design. Now you can add a hand held shower head anywhere in the shower stall that works for you instead of being limited to the standard location of the current shower head.

Unique Mounting Attachments

For some homes, it’s not only important that the shower be comfortable, but it should also be accessible as possible for the residents. Your shower may be ADA-compliant but missing a more comfortable handheld shower. Grab bars combined with a shower seat can make a shower safe and secure, but it can be challenging to access the shower spray. It’s an easy fix just by adding a hand shower grab bar bracket that lets you access a shower sprayer from the grab bar, creating a safe, luxurious, accessible shower. This fixture is attached to grab bars for mounting a hand shower, making it easy to install a sprayer in a better location.

Unique Accessories to Suit Your Needs

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