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Tools You Need for DIY Wall Mount Faucet Installation

Tools You Need for DIY Wall Mount Faucet Installation


For those who are redesigning a bathroom, DIY projects are often a go-to choice. Installing your own bathroom accessories cuts down on the cost of a remodel. If you are thinking of installing a wall mount faucet in your bathroom, whether for your sink or shower, you will need to have a few tools on hand.

Before we dive into the necessary tools for this DIY faucet installation project, let’s discuss what a wall mount faucet is, as well as the situations where this faucet is ideal. For bathroom sinks, a wall mount faucet makes the most sense in small spaces where large vanities are an issue. This style is also well-suited to minimalistic and modern designs. In the case of bathtubs and showers, wall mount faucets are a commonly seen fixture. They can be swapped out to update a design or for practical reasons when an older tub faucet mount has passed its prime.

Here at Kingston Brass, we have an array of beautiful and high-quality wall mount faucets to meet any need. Browse our wall mount faucets to get a good idea of what your DIY installation project will entail.

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Gathering Your Tools

The first step to any DIY project is ensuring you have the right tools on hand. When it comes to installing a wall mount faucet, there are a few items that are necessary to complete the project successfully. The following is a quick list of tools you’ll need to get started.

  • Measuring Tape — To place the faucet components correctly, you will need to measure the distance between the bathroom faucet fixture and the sink or tub.
  • Pencil — You will need to mark where you will be installing the faucet with a pencil after measuring the area.
  • Drill — Once you have marked the measurements on your wall, you will need a drill to create holes for fastening bolts.
  • Wrench — Depending on the type of hardware with your faucet, you will need an appropriate wrench for securing the bolts in place. This could be an Allen wrench or a standard open-end wrench.

Aside from these basic tools, the only other items you will need on hand are the faucet itself and the hardware that comes with it for installation.

wall mount faucet
Macro shot of adjustable wrench isolated on whtie background

Renovate With a New Bathroom Wall Mount Faucet Today

As you can see, DIY sink and bathtub faucet installation is not a complicated process. Adding wall mount faucets to your bathroom can help free up space while retaining a practical component of your bathroom. Check out our wide selection of wall mount faucets and start renovating your space today.

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