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Shower Design Options

Shower Design Options


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Designing a shower can be a really fun and exciting project. However, with an array of options and styles to choose from it can become a bit difficult. From shower faucets, rainfall shower heads to bath and shower combinations, it can feel overwhelming when trying to pick the best option. We haven’t even mentioned finishes or styles yet. Not to worry, we’ll help break some common configurations and designs to assist in your remodel! Plus, Kingston has a variety of shower faucets and accessories to choose from once you’re ready to purchase!

Option 1: Shower Faucet and Tub Combo

The first contender is one of the most common combinations, a shower and tub faucet for a shower with an attached tub. These faucets come in a kit with a basic shower head, one to three handles and a tub spout. The three handle option contains a diverter to route the water to either the showerhead or tub spout. The two other levers adjust the temperature, hot and cold. On the contrary, the two handles have one handle that controls hot or cold and a handle that diverts the water. That leaves the one lever option to be explained which controls only the temperature, hot or cold, and the diverter will be a pull up knob on the tub spout. It’s important to ensure you purchase all additional parts or accessories for this type of faucet such as rough in valves.


There are several styles to choose from for faucets such as modern, traditional or transitional. Depending on the theme of the bathroom, a distinct faucet style can be chosen to pair perfectly. Finish options consist of brass, matte black, chrome, nickel and bronze.



Option 2: Adding a Rainfall Shower Head

With Kingston’s shower faucets or shower and tub faucet combinations, a rainfall shower head is not included. Unfortunately, a rainfall shower head does have to be purchased separately. This makes it a bit easier to pick the perfect style and finish for your shower’s design. A rainfall shower head sits higher in the shower and is supposed to mimic actual rainfall. It is great for covering the full body in water while showering and is normally larger than regular shower heads. Another option is a rain drop shower that exhibits a unique vintage design. Similar to a rainfall shower head with attached handles and look great in shower rooms. As of late, these types of shower heads are common upgrades and offer an elegant feel to the shower. Kingston’s rainfall shower heads range from 7″-12″ from optimal cleanliness.

Add-On Option: Hand Shower

Hand showers are convenient accessories to the shower because they allow for additional range while showering. They are also great when cleaning the shower because they can provide water access to the surrounding walls. Hand showers are nice to have for all different needs whether it’s washing your hair, cleaning the shower or when in the bathtub. Kingston offers hand showers for showers as well as clawfoot tub faucets for those who need that extra hand.


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