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Should You Buy a Vessel Sink for Your Bathroom?

Should You Buy a Vessel Sink for Your Bathroom?


Featured Image – SKUs: KS8122DL, BAH821330478PB, KB2632DLSO, EV4158 The vessel sink is many things: catchy, high-end, gorgeous, elegant.

It may take a little more effort to install and maintain, but that’s okay, especially considering how great they look. As with all things in life, it’s a delicate balancing act. However, homeowners frequently find that the pros outweigh the cons. Read on!

Consideration #1: Cost

Once reserved for the highest of high-end designs, vessel sinks have come down significantly in price over the years. The everyday homeowner can now put a great-looking vessel sink in their bathrooms on a reasonable budget. Plus, an above-counter vessel sink is easier to install — all that’s required is a drain hole!

Consideration #2: Style

It’s always good to consider whether a decision is one you’ll love for a long time or one you’ll get tired of in a few short years.

So is a vessel sink an enduring style or a short-term fad? Today, with over a decade of vessel sink-mania, the trend seems to still be going strong. Once the style of the room and house are taken into account, homeowners are free to make the choice that best pleases them. Go with the gut!

Consideration #3: Installation type

If a homeowner does choose a vessel sink, should it go above the counter, or should it be recessed? Well, it depends on the needs of the homeowner. An above-counter vessel sink sits on the top of the vanity or counter. This gives the maximum “effect” of the vessel sink, putting its entire profile in view. A recessed vessel sink sits partially inside the counter thanks to a hole that’s larger than the drain hole. The size of the hole determines how far down the vessel sink will sit. This design is usually less striking but more stable.

Consideration #4: Easy to change out

It’s not hard to swap your vessel sink out for another since it’s not stuck in place like a normal drop-in sink. If you ever want to change for another vessel sink, this is practically a DIY job that may not even require a plumber!

Consideration #5: Space-saving

If you have a small vanity or counter space, a vessel sink can give you more room. That’s because the sink actually sits above the countertop, leaving more room for storage on the counter itself.

Consideration #6: Cleaning

It’s easy to clean a regular sink that meets up with the countertop. A vessel sink requires a little more work, but it’s not a dealbreaker for most!

Consideration #7: Practicality

Vessel sinks are less stable (they’re only secured at the drain hole), can overflow more easily (they don’t have an overflow drain), and are more prone to breaking (there’s more of the sink exposed). However, the right sink can still be worth the slight inconvenience — particularly with the charm they bring to a bathroom.

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