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How to Select the Right Kitchen Fixtures for an Efficient Kitchen

How to Select the Right Kitchen Fixtures for an Efficient Kitchen


“After a good dinner one can forgive anybody, even one’s own relatives.” – Oscar Wilde

“You’re not you when you’re hungry.” – Snickers campaign

A good meal can do wonders for an individual’s sanity. I have entertained the thought that most arguments are caused by three things: hunger, financial problems, and the need for a good nap. While financial problems and sleep deprivation are not easily remedied, Kingston Brass has everything you need to check hunger off the list by creating an efficient meal-prep station with its kitchen fixtures.

I believe we have all dreamed of home-cooked meals being ready on the table and waiting for us after a long day at work. Unfortunately, while a wonderful idea to ponder, this notion is unrealistic. Someone has to prepare the meal, and then come the dreaded dishes. Let’s talk about how to speed up that process so you can focus on the good part – the food!

What are the kitchen fixtures needed to speed up time both making and cleaning up meals?

It is so important to have a kitchen where the sink, faucet, appliances, and accessories are all working for you. These are often overlooked items, but how many of us have attempted to wash a dish in a sink that fits no more than a serving set for two? Or, how aggravating is it when your faucet isn’t tall enough or doesn’t have enough reach to clean your baking dish? These kitchen fixtures are essential to not just relieve stress, but when done the right way, can actually create an environment in which meal prep is fun and easy.

First, let’s talk about faucets.

A good faucet should be functional for both prep and clean-up. The crucial features will be the number of spray settings, spout reach, spout clearance, and swivel ability. If you often prepare large meals, that typically means employing large dishes. For this reason, pay close attention to spout clearance (this is the distance from the top of your sink to the spout head).

Kingston Brass offers a wide range of kitchen faucet styles to choose from such as pull-down, pull-out, centerset, pre-rinse, and one handle kitchen faucets to name a few. Faucets that possess large spout clearance, extendable reach features, and multiple spray settings will be pull-down faucets, pull-out faucets, or pre-rinse faucets. For a more hands-free approach, try a pull-down faucet with one handle, the ability to swivel, and a two-function sprayer to make cleaning an easier process.

Second – Get a pot-filler!

These will make your life so much simpler. Multi-tasking in the kitchen can be greatly increased when your large pots are being filled up on your stove instead of cluttering your sink. Someone can be washing vegetables or dishes in the sink while their partner is tending to the pasta dish. Also, if you have the tendency to get a bit hangry, no longer worry about fighting over the single water source.

Third, opt for a sink to suit your needs.

Prior to buying a sink, look into the sink’s dimensions. A kitchen sink that is too shallow can be an inconvenience rather than a resourceful tool. Additionally, a dual-sided sink can be beneficial for leaving dishes to dry when in a hurry or if you don’t prefer using a dishwasher. Also, they are great options for those who cook a lot by easily allowing the user to separate fruits and veggies from dirty dishes. If you often wash larger pots and pans, try a large, single-bowl sink to avoid the attempt of fitting the entire pot in the sink.

Lastly, accessorize!

Side-sprayers, soap dispensers, sink grids, colanders, and water filtration faucets are some of the incredible kitchen accessories offered by Kingston Brass. While luxury items, these buys are definitely worth-while. Side-sprayers bring an added convenience in reaching hard-to-clean areas of your sink. If you have a smaller kitchen this is an advisable purchase, because it will bring about the function of having a more industrial kitchen.

Also, sink grids are a worthy purchase. These will protect the bottom of your sink while allowing you to leave dishes to dry without sitting them in dirty water. Their grid design also allows dishes to be stacked in a more orderly fashion.

In conclusion, while your kitchen is full of chaos it doesn’t have to be inefficient. For a full list of kitchen fixtures offered by Kingston Brass, click HERE.

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