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Prioritizing Fixtures for Your Kitchen Remodel

Prioritizing Fixtures for Your Kitchen Remodel


Featured Image: @bravohomestead LS8770DKL Even with a nearly unlimited budget, it’s hard to update every part of a kitchen in a remodel. Remodeling works best when the homeowner focuses on prioritizing fixtures and surfaces at a time that are most in need of updating. By prioritizing updates by necessity, it’s easy to afford a full kitchen remodel over a few years regardless of the budget. Focus on these kitchen fixtures first to get the most out of each round of remodeling.

Broken or Missing Fixtures

Always start a remodel with broken, malfunctioning, or outright missing fixtures. This strategy especially applies to plumbing fixtures like faucets and even the connections like P-traps and drains. Broken plumbing usually leads to leaks that can spread mold and rot throughout the structure. Prioritize modern necessities that may have been left out of the last remodel, such as spacious sinks or sprayer attachments.

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Out of Style and Outdated Items

Next, focus on the most out-of-date fixtures and parts of the kitchen. It’s the cabinets or flooring for many rooms, but it can also be the sink, faucet, lighting, or appliances. Replacing just the most outdated objects will have an immediate impact on the visual appeal of the room. If the kitchen has fixtures that clash with the décor, make sure to replace them with more appropriate options.

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Low Cost, High Impact

Aim for the cheaper fixtures in the kitchen that make the most impact on its overall style. A new stove or refrigerator can easily cost $1,000 or more before installation. In contrast, a new faucet is often 1/5th of that or less. After distributing the budget for large surfaces like walls and floors, make sure to spread the rest of the remodel costs among a wide variety of smaller items. Prioritizing fixtures helps update the entire room without costing more than expected.

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A kitchen remodel is a great time to pick out beautiful new fixtures from Kingston Brass. Shop the selection of faucets, sinks, and other kitchen accessories.

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