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Modern Goth Kitchens for the Spooky Holiday Season

Modern Goth Kitchens for the Spooky Holiday Season


Halloween is just around the corner. I am sure that you’ve seen the commercials and the decorations in every store that you walk into and let’s not forget the spooky excitement that runs through all of social media. With the last of the summer heat leaving us and fall officially here, it’s time to give your kitchen that great gothic makeover in preparation for the scary holiday. Gothic style is the perfect way to give your kitchen that spooky aesthetic without the commitment of spider webs and skeletons cluttering your precious space. It is an original and exquisite style that will surely transform your space into gloomy-chic. If you are one who is looking to give your kitchen a little redecorating this Halloween season, consider the gothic style if you want it subtle and darkly glamorous.


Dark wooden accents

Wooden accents will warm up your kitchen and give it a dark, rustic aesthetic that most gothic styles embody. Exposed wood or simple wooden decorations rubbed with a dark glaze will surely enhance your kitchen into a gothic paradise.

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kitchenBlack, black, and black

The most important element of a gothic kitchen is its dark décor and the best way to accomplish that element is through the color black. Black is the gothic color. Now, this doesn’t mean you need to paint everything black in your kitchen, just add small touches of it throughout to give your kitchen a heavy and darkened vibe.

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Sleek gray

If you aren’t all for that black-on-black aesthetic for your kitchen, a great alternative is to color your kitchen with a sleek gray. Charcoal colors or simple slate will give you the same cool drama of the color black, but it will keep that modern touch so your kitchen doesn’t totally go to the dark side.

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Geometric Décor

If you are one for a more modern take on this gothic style, then go for geometric decorations to keep things chic and smooth. Modern design is one of minimalism and simple, so go for décor that isn’t flashy and has darker tones to it to keep things gothic and spooky.

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