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Kingston’s New Shower Products

Kingston’s New Shower Products


Kingston Brass offers a variety of kitchen + bath products, ranging from kitchen faucets and sinks to bathroom shower faucets, tubs, toilets and sinks. The array of products are great for everyday fixture needs or when remodeling and updating a home. September was a big month for new shower products. We have new tub and shower faucets, hand showers, diverter valves and rainfall shower heads in several finishes. Let’s dive in to updating the shower with these newly released products.

Tub & Shower Faucets

A new finish or style of a tub and shower faucet can reinvent your shower or simply provide better water access. Over time, designs within the bathroom may change while the fixtures slowly become outdated. This is a perfect time to start shopping for new faucets. Kingston’s newest released tub and shower faucets provide an option for those with a shower and bathtub combination. The Manhattan Single Handle Shower and Tub Faucet (KB6637CML) exhibits a modern yet elegant design and can be purchased in finishes such as polished chrome, brushed brass, matte black and many more.

Shower and Tub Faucets



Hand Showers

One of the best shower accessories is a hand shower. A hand shower is in addition to shower faucets and offers a more convenient way to shower. Hand showers offer a unique and classic design to showers, as well. They come in many different styles and finishes to accent your shower while allowing easy accessibility for water access. Kingston’s Made-to-Match Hand Shower Combo (KAK3527W7) is made from porcelain for a vintage and charming look. Read our article, “Buying Guide for Hand Showers” to learn more about what’s needed to add a hand shower into your shower.

Hand Showers

KAK3527W7 KAK3528W8 KAK3521W1 KAK3523W3

Swap Shower Head

Another option for necessary upgrades and replacements is to swap out the shower head. Whether that means swapping for a new finish or style. Ensuring your shower head’s finishes match the rest of the bathroom, research on what finish your fixtures are, and look for the right one! Shower heads are also offered in different configurations such as raindrop, jet spray, and water conservation. Depending on your wants and needs pertaining to shower heads, Kingston has you covered! Kingston’s Victorian Showerhead with a High Low Adjustable Arm (CK135K0) is great to create a unique spa experience. It is offered in many finishes ranging from brass, chrome, nickel, matte black, bronze and black stainless to fit your bathroom accordingly.

K135K7 K135K0MB K251A6 K251A3
Featured Image: K135K0MB
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