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How to Style an Open Vanity With Trim Kits

How to Style an Open Vanity With Trim Kits

An open vanity can be a unique addition to a bathroom — even if it presents some decorating challenges in the room. An open vanity or console can make a small bathroom feel larger and create a sense of airiness in the space. It also gives the homeowner a plethora of design opportunities.

The open shelves can be a canvas for showing off the homeowner’s personality with a combination of decorative features and functional bathroom necessities. Open vanities add a contemporary touch to the room compared to bulky traditional pieces that stretch from wall to wall and all the way down to the floor. Homeowners who prefer a DIY approach may even enjoy building their own open vanity or repurposing existing pieces by removing doors to free the shelves inside.

Challenges of Decorating an Open Vanity

Learning how to live with an open vanity is a learning curve for homeowners who like to have everything put away and out of sight. This is especially true if the open vanity is in the home’s primary bathroom or in a space that doesn’t have alternative storage options. There may be no choice but to leave all the homeowner’s belongings out in the open, creating what can easily turn into an unsightly and unorganized mess.

The obvious option for styling an open vanity is carefully choosing your storage system. You may place baskets or boxes on the shelves to hold styling tools, toiletries, and personal items. You can add plants to the shelves for a touch of greenery and texture., not to mention interest. Storage containers add a pop of color that may complement or contrast the piece itself and the rest of the bathroom.

Sometimes Less Is More When Decorating a Room

Styling an open vanity doesn’t always mean filling the shelves with towels, plants, and decorative pieces. In fact, that approach can take away some of the charms of the open vanity — filled shelves can be cluttered shelves that look messy and uninviting. The less-is-more approach can create a peaceful space, but you may not like the look of plastic PVC pipes protruding from the wall beneath the vanity. Have no fear; you can install a trim kit to give the room an entirely new look.

Decorating With a Trim Kit

A trim kit includes drainpipes, flanges, and supply flex lines to hide the PVC pipes generally used for bathroom plumbing. The pieces of the trim kit replace the pieces originally in the room. This gives it a professional look and ties the plumbing together with the fixtures in the rest of the room. In addition, it can add an industrial or vintage element to the room that highlights the charm of the space.

Installing a trim kit is a fairly simple process that most homeowners can do on their own as long as they have the right tools for the job, including Teflon tape, a wrench, and a bucket. Simply unscrew and detach the existing pipes and replace them with the pieces from the trim kit. It can take some time to make sure the new pieces line up correctly, but most people can complete this project in an afternoon.

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