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How to Pull Off a Themed Bathroom

How to Pull Off a Themed Bathroom


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Themed bathrooms wane and wax in popularity, but there can be perennial options for decorating a master or guest bathroom in need of personality. Yet going overboard with a theme or choosing the wrong details can make the style look dated instead. Add a theme to a bathroom without going too far in the design with these four tips for pulling off a nautical or beach theme.

Stick to Light Touches

It’s tempting to go all out during a remodel and choose everything from wallpaper to floor tiles that reinforce the same style. However, this is usually overwhelming regardless of the style. It’s particularly jarring when the bathroom has a particular theme. Subtle and light touches like fish scale tile rather than tiles painted with fish go a long way in adding style. Focus on bringing out the theme in just a handful of places and using neutral colors or patterns for the rest of the room.

Focus on a Strong Color Palette

If explicit patterns and shapes like shells and waves are too overwhelming for the small space, try communicating the theme with a strong color palette instead. Beachy colors are often all a bathroom needs to create the peaceful feeling of the ocean without any sandy accessories needed. The color palette should include everything from the finishes on the faucets to the material used for the vanity or console sink. For example, fluted and bowl-shaped sinks in warm cream colors can mimic the beauty of the mother of pearl.

Choose High-End Fixtures

The key to keeping the themed bathroom from feeling over-the-top is choosing luxury fixtures to keep the room stylish and elegant. Whether the bathroom needs new shower and tub faucets, bathroom sinks, or even entire tub replacements, high-end fixtures keep the theme from dating the room. It’s also easier to change the theme in the future if the main fixtures of the room are versatile enough to adapt to different styles later.

Build the Theme with Accessories

Finally, make the strongest statement about the bathroom’s theme in the accessories. From wall art to soap holders and shelves, themed bathroom accessories bring charm without overwhelming the space. Look for high-end towel hooks, shower curtains, and even window treatments that all support the favored theme. If there’s the desire to change the theme later, accessories are the easiest to change out with minimal work.

Kingston Brass has plenty of luxury fixtures to elevate the themed bathroom to a new level of elegance. Choose from bathroom faucet, vanity sink, and accessory options to match the project. Themed fixtures and accessories are available in every category to get just the right look.

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