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How to Match Kitchen Fixtures With Glazed Tile in the Kitchen

How to Match Kitchen Fixtures With Glazed Tile in the Kitchen


Featured Image – SKU: GKFA331810BCD For centuries, one of the most popular material choices for kitchen backsplashes has been tile. Tile is not only attractive, creating a stunning backdrop that upgrades the appearance of the kitchen, but it’s also practical. This material is extremely durable, lasting for years without the need for repairs. Additionally, tile works well in rooms where moisture is a concern. It handles the messy splashes of water and food that take place in the kitchen without issue.

This year, tile continues to be a desirable kitchen material for those renovating their homes, but many are shifting away from the muted, matte finishes of old and are turning to glazed tile to add a bolder, brighter touch to the space.

In this guide, homeowners can learn everything there is to know about incorporating glazed tile into the kitchen, including professional tips on how to match kitchen fixtures with this backsplash accent.

What Is Glazed Tile for the Kitchen?

Tiling kitchen backsplashes is the perfect way to upgrade an outdated space. Tile adds new life to a backsplash and is easy to install. Not only that, but the delightful pattern of the tile is eye-catching, allowing homeowners to quickly renovate a kitchen in need of a facelift.

So what exactly is glazed tile? Glazed tile is simply tile that features a glossy finish. This glossy look is highly desirable as it reflects light from around the kitchen, adding to the brightness of the space. And as homeowners look for new, creative ways to enhance their kitchen’s ambiance, glazed tile is an ideal choice. It can help bring out the natural lighting of the room, as well as bring a clean updated look to the space.

While all glazed tile features the same glossy finish, the color of the tile can vary dramatically. For a more subdued look, homeowners can opt for a white or tan tile. For a bold touch of color, backsplashes featuring glazed tile can implement rich reds, greens, or blues.

Additionally, many glazed tiles are designed with earth tones to create a more robust natural feel.

Regardless, beyond just their good looks, glazed tile backsplashes will also make clean-up a breeze. Without the texture of many matte tiles, these tiles can be wiped down, getting rid of food stains, grime, and build-up in a matter of seconds. They can be added to areas around the kitchen sink, the stove, and even beneath shelving behind countertops.

What Design Elements Pair Well With Glazed Tile?

Glazed tile pairs well with numerous design elements. It’s the tile’s versatility that makes it such a treasured choice. Common additions to a glazed tile backsplash include the following:

  • Wooden shelving: In contrast to the glossy finish of glazed tile, wooden shelving makes the perfect addition to the kitchen. The textured and natural appeal of wood will help draw out the high finish of the glazed tile.
  • Mounted paper towel racks: Adding a paper towel rack featuring a premium metal finish will help complement the tiled backsplash. This is particularly helpful in adding a touch of design to large backsplashes, breaking up the space.
  • Living walls: Glazed tile is all about bringing in the natural light. Pairing this with a living wall of plants can help bring the beauty of nature back into the home.

What Styles of Fixtures Work Best With Glazed Tile?

Similar to design elements, the fixtures that pair well with glazed tile will vary based on the color of tile chosen. A deep emerald green glazed tile backsplash will match well with a rustic style sink and faucet, while a pure white glazed tile might be complemented better by a matte black, modern style fixture and stainless steel sink.

The key to picking out the right style fixture is to think through the cohesive design strategy for the room. If the goal is to create a rustic, warm kitchen, it’s best to look for fixtures that feature styles and elements found in 18th-century farmhouses. Conversely, if it’s a bright, modern style that the homeowner wishes to achieve, a simplistic faucet and stainless steel sink might do the trick.

The following are three top picks for kitchens featuring glazed tile backsplashes:

  • Kitchen Faucet Top Pick: The bridge mount faucet is an ideal match for the delightful appeal of glazed tile. These stunning fixtures will add an architectural element to the space. Choose from a modern, industrial design or a rustic, antique design to match the overall feel of the room.
  • Kitchen Sink Top Pick: When choosing a colorful glazed tile, there is no sink that makes a better match than a white farmhouse-style sink with an exposed front. Together, the farmhouse-style sink and the glazed till will showcase the room’s lighting.
  • Kitchen Accessory Top Pick: Don’t stop with a glazed tile backsplash for only the kitchen sink. Bold homeowners can create an extra touch of style to the kitchen space by tiling the area behind the kitchen stove. To make the most of this addition, install a pot filler with an antique finish. This will contrast elegantly against the new tile while offering an added convenience.

What Fixture Finish Is Ideal for a Glazed Tile Backsplash?

Choosing a fixture to pair with new glazed tiling is just the start. Homeowners will need to determine what finish that fixture should feature.

The good news is that when it comes to pairing finishes with glazed tile, it’s hard to go wrong. The key is to pick a finish that will help complement or contrast the tile. Homeowners should avoid matching colors or tones that blend into a monotone appearance.

For example, for an all-black backsplash, a matte black finish is not ideal. However, for an all-white backsplash, the muted but dark tones of a matte black finish would make a smashing choice.

For colorful tiles, an antique brushed copper or brushed nickel can make the perfect complement to the bold design.

If the backsplash is patterned, with numerous colors implemented into the design, picking a bright gold finish can help add to the stunning and elegant style of the space.

At the end of the day, the right finish for glazed tile will depend a lot on the tile chosen and personal preferences. Homeowners should flex their creative muscles and look for unique ways to allow their new glazed tile to shine.

What Theme Will Glazed Tile Bring Into the Kitchen?

Adding glazed tile to the kitchen will upgrade the entire look and feel of the space. With the diverse number of choices for patterns, tile sizes, and colors, there is no singular theme that glazed tile will achieve.

Instead, glazed tile allows homeowners the opportunity to create the theme of their dreams. The following breakdown showcases how different styles of tile can lend themselves to different kitchen themes:

  • Glazed white tile with white grout: Choosing an all-white tile will allow homeowners to implement a light, airy kitchen theme. This makes a great fit for farm styles, contemporary styles, or Scandinavian styles.
  • Glazed colored tile: Rich colored glazed tile will be the perfect choice for homeowners looking to design a Victorian, Mediterranean, or Spanish theme. Colorful tiles can also be used to pair with an eclectic style space.
  • Glazed black tile: All-black tile is the perfect match for an industrial or modern theme. The dark black will stand out boldly due to the high gloss finish of the tile, making it the perfect accompaniment for stainless steel fixtures.

Regardless of what theme is chosen, the benefit of this glossy tile is that it will reflect any light in the room, creating a brighter appearance. For this reason, it can be helpful to upgrade lighting fixtures at the same time. Opting for new lights that utilize natural tones can help create warmth.

Shop Kingston Brass for Fixtures to Match

For homeowners who decide to implement the use of glazed tile in the kitchen, the next step is to find the perfect kitchen products to complete the room’s upgraded look. At Kingston Brass, homeowners can find a fixture to match any design or theme. From sleek and modern to ornate and elegant, Kingston Brass offers a vast selection of kitchen faucets, sinks, and accessories. Each premium product is not only designed to be eye-catching, but is also constructed with durability and functionality in mind. Shop their online catalog today to find the perfect pairing for glazed tile.

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