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How to Care for Clawfoot Bathtubs

How to Care for Clawfoot Bathtubs


Clawfoot bathtubs add elegance and generous space for stretching out in the water. These tubs are similar to other bathtubs in most ways, but they do need some specific care to look their best over the years. Caring for your new clawfoot bathtub is easier than you think. Follow these tips to make sure your bathroom stays clean and beautiful with minimal work.

Cleaning Antique or Refinished Tubs

Older clawfoot bathtubs are often refinished and used in new homes to take advantage of the durable cast iron construction and traditional style. However, the new enamel or paint coating is quite delicate. Refinished tubs should only be cleaned with non-abrasive soaps that are free from harsh chemicals. Antique tubs with their original finish can be cleaned with a range of products, but abrasive scrubs must be avoided to prevent damage to the enamel.

Cleaning New Porcelain or Acrylic Clawfoot Bathtubs

The new clawfoot bathtubs sold here at Kingston Brass offer much easier cleaning and maintenance routines. Use your favorite dish soap, bath sanitizing sprays, or any other non-abrasive and non-stripping cleaning product you like. For stubborn stains and mineral marks left behind by water, try dish soap and a soft sponge work best for standard weekly cleaning. Avoid placing any bottles of shampoo, bars of soap, or containers of dye and conditioner around the edges of the tub. Use a freestanding shelf or organizer to keep your soaps close at hand when bathing.

Maintaining the Clawfoot bathtubs Attachments

You’ll find that a small amount of grime may accumulate in the recesses of the decorative parts. A toothbrush or other soft-bristled brush is best for removing the dirt, along with a little dish soap and water. Painted feet, in particular, need gentle handling. Solid metal feet can be cleaned with polishes and scrubs without concerns about scratching.

Removing Rust Stains and Scratches

As long as the iron base is not exposed due to an impact or a scratch, you shouldn’t have any need to do rust removal. Apply your preferred rust-removing treatments and follow the instructions, as long as they’re not abrasive. For refinished tubs, rust stains are almost impossible to remove. This is why it’s best to invest in a new tub rather than a reclaimed older one. With so many historical designs to choose, it’s easy to find a new clawfoot tub with easy care requirements. To browse the options available, click here.

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