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How a Mirror Assists in a Bathroom Design


Featured Image: GCLWS302019

When it comes to bathroom accessories, mirrors are amongst the most essential decor items to add to the space. The ability to check your hair, makeup, and wardrobe in a bathroom mirror while getting ready on a busy day is a convenience that shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Of course, mirrors are more than a helpful means for daily grooming — they’re actually a great design tool that can elevate any space. Homeowners looking to upgrade their bathrooms will find a wide selection of bathroom mirrors at Kingston Brass, along with all other bath design needs.

When choosing a mirror to reflect your design style, consider the following tips to add more flair to the room.

A Complementary Finish

Traditionally speaking, bathroom mirrors are hung directly above the sink. This placement makes them excellent for complementing the finish of the bathroom sink faucet.

The best way to ensure that a mirror will complement the faucet is to look for options with a matching finish or tone. For example, an ornate antique framed mirror will look stylish above an elegant bronze faucet. If pairing with a more modern faucet with a cool tone, go for a sleek chrome mirror to achieve the best look.