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Get to Know Shower Seat Options

Get to Know Shower Seat Options


Whether you have an elderly parent with limited mobility or a loved one living in your home with a disability, one of the most difficult areas for anyone with a higher risk of falls to navigate is the bathroom. One action that is necessary for the health and well-being of us all is taking a shower or bath. However, when mobility is in question, the act of showering or bathing can become extremely taxing.

Shower seats are an excellent way to ensure that those who struggle with mobility in the bathroom can stay safe while still being able to shower and bathe regularly. If you are considering the installation of a safety feature in your bathroom, begin by browsing our selection of high-quality ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant shower seats. At Kingston Brass, we believe you can create a safer bathroom without sacrificing style, which is why we provide a beautiful selection of shower seats and safety accessories.

Folding Wall Mount in Phenolic Bench Material

One style of shower seat is the folding wall mount shower seat featuring phenolic bench material. These seats are attached to the wall and simply fold down when being utilized. When not in use, these seats will fold back up against the wall, freeing up space.

One of the benefits of these shower seats is that they resist scratches, stains, and chemical abrasion. This ensures that they continue to be a pleasing part of your bathroom design. Another benefit of these shower seats is that they are simple to clean. With only one major component to worry about — the seat itself — you can quickly wipe down the phenolic bench material and fold the seat up against the wall between uses.

Shower Seat with Stainless Steel Folding Support

Another popular choice for seats is a shower seat with stainless steel folding support. These seats are not only affixed to the wall, similar to the seat outlined above but also feature stainless steel legs beneath the seat.

One of the benefits of this style is that the additional support will fold away with the seat itself when not in use. This allows for ultimate safety and support without taking up shared bathroom space. The stainless steel legs are resistant to wear and corrosion, making this shower seat a quality long-term investment for your home.

Shower Seat Sizes

As you consider the different style options for a shower seat, you will also need to consider the sizes provided. Here at Kingston Brass, we offer two common sizes — 18”x16” and 28”x21”. Before you make your purchase, be sure you measure the space where it will be installed. You want adequate room for the shower seat to fold up against the wall, as well as enough room to navigate to the shower seat. Create a safer bathroom today by shopping our quality shower seats.

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