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Do You Need a Bathtub Caddy Tray?

Do You Need a Bathtub Caddy Tray?

When it comes to bathroom accessories, there are many options available that can make daily routines not only easier but also more enjoyable. One such bathtub accessory is a bathtub caddy tray.

Bathtub caddy trays sit on the edges of freestanding or clawfoot bathtubs. They are designed to hold items, elevating them above the water in a tub. They are particularly helpful for homeowners with a bathtub that lacks a ledge where items can be stored. Often, freestanding and clawfoot tubs only have a small lip, which makes it impossible to keep soaps and bath items handy.

For those wondering whether a bathtub caddy tray is the right choice for their home, it can be helpful to first explore the benefits of a caddy tray and situations where these trays can come in handy.

The Benefits of a Bathtub Caddy Tray

A bathtub caddy tray is a simple basket that is easily placed on a tub with a lip or rim. In fact, due to the ease of installation, a bathtub caddy tray is one of the fastest ways to increase storage space in a tub. No hammering into walls or screwing in shelving units. Instead, you can simply open up the package and add the tray to your tub.

When deciding on an organizational solution for a bathtub, you might wonder whether a tray is the right solution. The following are all scenarios where a tray could be the ideal fit.

Soak in Comfort

After a long day, nothing beats sinking into a warm bath. However, many people prefer to relax with a good book or their phone in hand. While some phones might be rated as water-resistant, realistically, most people would prefer not to put that rating to the test. Digital e-readers and paper books are also best kept above the water line.

To make the experience more relaxing, a bathtub caddy tray offers a secure place to rest items. Bathers can lean back, enjoy the soak, and not worry about whether their chosen entertainment is getting a soak as well. To add to the ambiance, a scented candle or delightful beverage may be in order as well.

Dry Items Quickly

One of the best parts about a bathtub caddy tray is that it features a basket-wire design. This means that when an item is placed in the tray, excess water will drip off, and the item will dry quickly.

For loofas and washcloths, this can help prevent mold and mildew growth. With ample air reaching the item from all sides, it will quickly dr