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Creating a Small Clawfoot Tub and Shower Combo in Your Bathroom

Creating a Small Clawfoot Tub and Shower Combo in Your Bathroom


Featured Image: SKU: CCK3188AL, VCT3D603019NT5 When it comes to combining a tub with a shower system, a clawfoot tub is rarely considered for the project. However, there are more options than many homeowners might think for combining these two particular features. Clawfoot tubs can work well as showers if coupled with one of the following techniques.

Hang a Shower Curtain Rod

The most basic way to transform a clawfoot tub into a shower is to install a ceiling or wall-mounted curtain rod. Available in oval and D-shapes, these rods surround the tub on three or four sides for complete privacy. A carefully fitted shower curtain will contain most of the water from the shower, but tiled floor is still probably the best choice with this kind of arrangement. Don’t forget a wall-mounted or freestanding shower head that fits the placement of the tub!

Build a Full Shower Stall Around the Tub

For a more contained and leak-proof system, try a complete shower stall that encompasses the entire tub. This newer trend is also known as the “tub in shower” style. Larger shower stalls provide plenty of splash control, so anyone bathing in the clawfoot tub can kick back without worrying about overflow. Showering is also easier with a stall around the tub. It creates enough space to prevent overspray. With this design, bathers usually stand outside of the tub for showering. This allows for the shower head and tub filler to be installed in different parts of the stall.

Create an Extra Large Alcove

For a hybrid approach, consider building an oversized alcove in the bathroom and using it to surround the clawfoot tub. While clawfoot tubs require more offset from the wall than standard alcove tubs, they can still be surrounded within a few inches on each side. This allows for the use of wall-mounted shower heads and tub faucets, not to mention simple shower curtain rods.

Shop Kingston Brass

No matter what kind of shower and clawfoot tub you choose, a tub filler and shower set is the fastest way to complete the project. These sets include matching shower heads and tub faucets or fillers. This combination has a unified look that complements the rest of the bathroom.

Choose Kingston Brass for both clawfoot bathtubs and the shower fixtures needed to complete them. From tub filler and shower kits to replacement feet for classic vintage tubs, we have something for everyone planning to undertake this project.

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