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Celebrate Father's Day The Kingston Way!

Celebrate Father's Day The Kingston Way!


Father’s Day is almost here! That means there isn’t much time to get your father or father-figure a gift that says a thousand words. But that can be a little hard to do because what do you get the man who has done so much for you and means the entire world?

You can always get the standard ties, watch, and mugs, but you want to do better than that for the best dad in the world. Well, don’t you worry because Kingston has a few ideas in mind to help you out and make your Father’s Day a real hit!

Every father is different. Some are handy and enjoy fixing things around the house. Others are artsier or tech-loving or just plain down-to-earth. If your dad is any like that, then you know that they deserve gifts that match their dad-personalities. Let us help you make the gift-giving journey a little easier for you with our list of helpful Father’s Day gifts.

If your dad is a big DIY-handyman type of father, then the best gift you can give him is a brand new shower head. Sometimes, a dad doesn’t need flashy ties or thousand-dollar watches. Sometimes, what he needs is a gift where he can show off his superb dad skills in his own home. Spend the day with him and watch him do what he loves most by giving him the gift of a new bathroom DIY project. Show your dad that he is the best handyman with one of Kingston’s top-notch shower faucets.
Now, if your dad isn’t that much of a handyman, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve the best and most relaxing day of his life. Every father deserves some self-indulgence and pampering as much as anyone else. So, why not gift him a brand new bathroom that can give him just that? Kingston’s vintage raindrop shower system can give your father the best shower experience he may ever have and leave him feeling stuffed with TLC.
If your father is the king of the kitchen, then you know that he deserves the best kitchen faucets out there. Every home cook knows that your kitchen is only as good as your kitchen faucet. So, if you really want to show your dad the love this Father’s Day, then make sure to get your dad a brand new kitchen faucet. Lucky for you, we found you the perfect kitchen faucet: Kingston’s wall-mount pull-down kitchen faucet! This designer kitchen faucet is made to handle just about anything your dad can throw at it and remain looking like its brand new years from now. It is easy to use and even easier to maintain, so your father will have one less thing to worry about!
Like most fathers, your dad enjoys a good cup of whiskey or beer here and there. After a long day of responsibilities and work, a cold bottle of beer can help him relax and unwind. Well, why not surprise your dad with his own home bar and make his father’s day the best one he’s ever had. Your father deserves a little something that is just his where he can go off to and have a moment to himself. Let Kingston’s centerset bar faucet help you make your dad’s dreams come true. Its sleek modern design will help you craft your dad the best home bar around!

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