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Bathroom Style Trends to Follow in 2022

Bathroom Style Trends to Follow in 2022


Featured Image – @Lbkbdesign from Instagram – SKU: KS8025DL The bathroom is the oasis of the home. At the start of a busy day, this room is where a homeowner awakens and prepares for the day ahead. And at the end of a long day, a warm shower can help one unwind.

Though bathrooms usually only make up a small fraction of a home’s square footage, these rooms have long been a popular choice for remodeling and redesign. With a simple update here and a small fixture swap out there, a bathroom can quickly take on a whole new look.

Homeowners are beginning to implement the latest in design trends into this important space. The following list of 2022 bathroom style trends can help homeowners determine what their bathroom will look like in the year ahead.

Spa-Like Settings

The bathroom is often considered a functional space. As long as the faucet is not leaking and the bathtub is draining, homeowners often neglect to think through the design of the space.

In 2022, there will be an uptick in homeowners looking to create a more zen and spa-like space in this room. While function will always be at the core of the bathroom’s purpose, homeowners now want to transform their bathrooms into a relaxing setting.

For those who love the concept of a spa-like oasis in their home, the following will make the perfect accompaniment to this rich and luxe style:

Statement Walls

Gone are the days of boring white walls and single color palettes in the bathroom. Instead, 2022 is about bold statement walls featuring textured wallpapers, murals, and mixed materials. Statement walls are a wonderful way to turn an otherwise drab room into an eye-catching space. These walls are often placed behind freestanding tubs or alongside bathroom vanities.

To go along with a bold statement wall in a bathroom design, the following are the perfect accompaniment:

  • Aqua Eden Cast Iron Double Ended Clawfoot Tub in White/Matte Black: In many bathrooms, accent walls are used to fill large spaces. For homeowners with a large statement wall, adding an elegant clawfoot tub in front of this wall can help complete the look. This clawfoot tub with matte black feet will make the perfect accompaniment for patterned or textured walls.
  • Fauceture Centurion Widespread Bathroom Faucet in Antique Copper: With a sleek and contemporary design, this widespread faucet makes the ideal companion for an accent wall. The antique copper finish will add a touch of warmth, making it a great pick for accent walls that implement blues, greens, and pinks.
  • Kingston Brass Concord Towel Ring in Brushed Brass: Sometimes it’s the smallest touch that has the biggest impact. Swap out outdated towel rings in favor of these brushed brass rings. With a simple but modern design, these towel rings will help ensure that statement walls shine.

Biophilic Focus

Nature is in, and homeowners are eager to add a touch of the outdoors into their bathroom design. Biophilic designs are all about bringing the home closer to the elements of nature through the use of both direct and indirect design elements.

This can mean adding a potted plant alongside a tub or designing a wall of succulents as an accent piece. Or, it can mean implementing representations of nature via shapes, elements, and fixture finishes. The goal of biophilic design is to help humans feel more connected to the roots of nature.

For those who are looking to bring this touch of natural design to their bathroom, the following are the perfect picks:

A Touch of Blue

From bold navy blues which evoke sophistication to whimsical sea foams and turquoise hues which harken to a day at the beach, blues will take center stage in the bathroom during 2022.

A naturally appealing color, blue has long been loved for its ability to add calmness to any space. This color is also extremely versatile and pairs well with a more organically themed design.

For those looking to add a touch of soothing blue to the bathroom, the following will make the perfect accompanying upgrades:

A Bold Implementation of Metallics

Along with mixing metals, in 2022 many homeowners will use a bold mix of metallic finishes. Contrasting faucets and fixtures are becoming the ideal accompaniment to bold accent walls and textured designs.

While the rule has long been to keep your finishes in the same tone, 2022 looks to be a year when the rules are broken. Chromes, coppers, and brass finishes will all be used together to create a unique and notable look.

For those who are ready to embrace the bold, use the following fixtures to liven up the bathroom:

Shop Kingston Brass for the Latest in Bathroom Trends

In 2022, the bathroom deserves the attention of homeowners. This space is easy to renovate with only a few small touches and can have a major impact on the design of the entire home. For those looking to implement one of the above 2022 bathroom design trends, Kingston Brass is the perfect place to begin. Here homeowners can shop a vast selection of bathroom products, all designed with premium materials and lasting finishes. Whether it is mixing and matching metallics or focusing on a touch of natural design, Kingston Brass makes it easy for homeowners to find the perfect addition to any space.

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