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Are Faucet Parts Interchangeable?

Are Faucet Parts Interchangeable?


Featured Image – SKU: @Paperandpaintdesignco from Instagram – SKU: FSC8933ZX Faucets play both a practical role and a stylistic one in the kitchen and bathroom. With the right updated design, a faucet can help bring new life into a kitchen or bathroom. When upgrading bathroom and kitchen fixtures, many homeowners want to swap out individual faucet parts rather than replacing the entire piece. For example, they might want an updated handle, hose, or spray head. In this way, they can improve the style of the faucet without investing in an entirely new fixture. This leads to the question: “Are faucet parts interchangeable?”

Today’s guide will answer whether or not some faucet parts fit a different model faucet or faucets from other manufacturers and what the best course of action is for homeowners looking to make this upgrade.

Step 1: Talk to a Professional to Verify Specs

Before attempting to swap one faucet part with another, speak with a professional first. A plumbing professional can verify the specifications of a particular faucet.

This will help to determine whether individual parts of your faucet can be swapped out or not.

Step 2: Consult the Original Specs Sheet

In addition to consulting with a professional, locate the original specification sheet for the faucet you want to change. Each make and model will be designed with different configurations.

For example, in some cases, a faucet handle might be able to screw on and off of the rest of the fixture. This makes it possible to swap out one faucet handle with another from the same manufacturer designed for the same model.

In other cases, consulting the original specs sheet might reveal that the faucet is a single unit and not compatible with other parts.

Step 3: Consider Upgrading the Entire Piece

While it’s possible to fit new faucet parts into an older faucet, the best course of action in most situations is to upgrade the entire piece. This is beneficial for the following reasons:

  • Lower chance of leaks: When fitting a new faucet piece to an old fixture there is always a chance that leaks will develop. Even if the two parts are compatible, old faucets can warp or deteriorate over time, creating less-than-perfect seals.
  • Everything will age at the same rate: While updating one faucet part might temporarily buy you more time with the existing fixture, the reality is that other parts will begin to wear out before the newly added piece. Replacing the entire fixture instead will allow the whole piece to age at the same rate.
  • Integrated design: Mixing and matching faucet parts can be a good way to improve the style of the original piece, but it can also lead to a hodgepodge design. This can be less eye-catching than anticipated and can lead to functional issues as well. Replacing the whole faucet can ensure an appealing design.
  • A wider number of options: Choosing a new faucet part limits the number of options available. Homeowners must stick to a specific list of compatible components, which can make it harder to find the desired style. Conversely, when upgrading the entire piece, homeowners have a large variety of options available to them. From modern fixtures to elegant, traditional faucets, upgrading the whole component makes it easy to find any desired design.

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