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All Things Pink: Kitchen + Bath

All Things Pink: Kitchen + Bath


Featured Image: @athomewithashley_CC13T2 Incorporating colors in your kitchen and or bath is a creative way to add a pop of style and personality.

Most people would be intimated to use a color as bright as pink but the end results are shocking. If accented and decorated in a way that doesn’t clutter the space or is too chaotic, pink will be the highlight of the room, literally. We dive into a couple of ways you can add pink into your kitchen and bath and what products may look great paired with it.


Large Scale

Using the color pink in the kitchen is certainly a unique way to incorporate it but it’s also a really fun way to express your personality. Pink can be used on a large scale or small scale. Adding pink to the kitchen cabinets is certainly a large-scale use of the color but it can make smaller spaces feel brighter and may fit the style of the house even better.


Small Scale

A smaller way to use pink in the kitchen is through flowers, kitchen towels, and other pieces of décor.

They even make pink coffee makers now. That would be a great way to add in a hint of color.

Mugs are another option in showing off your accent color. With mugs, having different shades of pink mugs will be a creative and pretty way to show off the color. A little hint, be sure that the color pink is either all the same shade or the different shades compliment each other to design a stylish kitchen.


Large Scale

Adding pink into the bathroom is similar to the kitchen but bathrooms have limited space and décor so be cautious about how much pink is too much.

The first option is having a painted pink vanity or pink wallpaper. A pink vanity can be a really nice attribute in kid’s bathrooms or guest bathrooms.

It keeps the space light, bright, and spunky. Pink wallpaper is another way to utilize the color.

Wallpaper can be removed so if later on it’s no longer desired, it can be removed or swapped. With so many shades of pink from light to orange toned to fuchsia, it can be tricky to identify which shade of pink is the best fit.

Our advice is to head down to a local paint store and grab swatches of the ones that catch your eye and compare them in your space. This will allow you to see the options in your lighting and against other fixtures or designs.


Smaller Scale

If a pink vanity or pink wallpaper isn’t possible or isn’t your style, adding pink can be done through accent and décor pieces.

These pieces could be a bouquet, towels, rugs, or even candles. The pink doesn’t have to be the focal point of the bathroom but it can be offered more subtle.

Candles come in a variety of styles and sizes, even in multiples. Finding a pink one may be the perfect hint of color.

Bouquets can either be real or fake and are neat because you can use a few different shades or colors such as pink, light pink and white or white, pink and dark pink. This option requires some creativity. Hand towels and rugs are always offered in a variety of colors and can contribute to your design style.

Shop Kingston Brass

Kingston has products in finishes such as chrome, nickel, brass, black, bronze, and copper.

Copper can be an exclusive color in your kitchen and bathroom while providing a pink hue. For the kitchen, Kingston has faucets, side sprayers, pot fillers, and even sink drains to pair with your new faucets.

For the bathroom, we have bathroom faucets and clawfoot tub faucets available in a copper finish. Find these products and more at Kingston Brass!

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