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ADA-Compliant Shower Seats

ADA-Compliant Shower Seats


Comfort in the bathroom is something important to just about everyone, but for someone who is physically disabled, it can mean the difference between a bathroom break and a serious injury. To meet this need, bathroom accessories that are ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant are available from retailers like Kingston Brass for use in home bathrooms and showers. Among these are ADA-compliant shower seats, designed to provide sturdy, waterproof seating for disabled individuals to help provide as much independence as possible.

Phenolic or Padded Vinyl Bench

A phenolic polymer sheet is an incredibly versatile and lightweight material that protects the stainless steel used to construct the shower seat. The phenolic polymer sheet makes the shower seat water-resistant while also easily adapting to changes in temperature. This material is so water-resistant that it’s often used in watercraft. This ensures the shower seat will be durable, dry quickly without danger of mold or water damage, and provide insulation to stand up to hot or cold water without damage. The padded vinyl bench found in some shower seat designs adds comfort for the user, especially if being seated for long periods is required.

Because the seat is constructed of durable stainless steel and protected by a phenolic polymer sheet coating, clean-up is simple and fast. The protective coating is stain and chemical resistant as well as being water-resistant. The stainless steel construction won’t rust and requires just a quick wipe down to be ready for the next use.

Stainless Steel Folding Supports

When extra support is needed, shower seats from Kingston Brass come with four sturdy, fold-out, stainless steel legs to provide floor support for users over 220 pounds or where wall-mounting alone doesn’t provide adequate support for the seat. These floor support legs offer additional safety and stability for bariatric users.

All shower seats — with foldable legs or wall support only — collapse to store easily when not in use. The seat collapses with one hand by the user or caregiver and makes the shower clear and accessible for others in the family. Shop all of the shower seat designs available at Kingston Brass today.

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