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5 Tips For A Casual Thanksgiving

5 Tips For A Casual Thanksgiving


Believe it or not, but holiday celebrations don’t have to be so formal. No one needs to arrive in suit and ties or grand holiday dresses, rather it can be a casual get together. The holidays are meant for friends and families, to be together and celebrate the memories you’ve made over the year. So, instead of stressing over the nitty-gritty details of making your holiday celebration a stiff and stuffy party, make it a casual gathering so you can focus on having fun with your loved ones. Get inspired to create your own casual Thanksgiving feast with this article, a great way to celebrate the season with all of your friends and family.

Casual Thanksgiving

Rustic Inspired

Throw the rules for formal Thanksgiving dinner out the window and relax with a less than a traditional get-together. Set your table with a mix of modern and rustic details like a wooden cutting board for a centerpiece or a set of simple copper plates for placeholders.

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Dashes of Color

Don’t stress yourself out by rushing to buy flowers for your table. Mix and match linens with organic elements like red bell peppers or chunks of wood to create a rustic flair for your table.

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Fall Details

If you have lots of leftover ingredients like potatoes or pumpkins, utilize them as handmade holders. Carve out a small section of pumpkin then stick a candle inside or stick a handmade toothpick placeholder into a potato to create your own unique, harvest-themed table décor for this casual Thanksgiving day.

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Get Everyone Involved

Save yourself the trouble of cooking too many dishes by getting everyone to bring a dish of their own to share. That way, everyone gets to experience each other’s favorite dishes and you get more time to enjoy the festivities with the rest of the party.

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Self-Serve Drinks

Don’t go for the fancy drinks or trying to play bartender and host at the same time. Save yourself the stress and just create a self-serve station for the drinks so you can get more time to mingle and enjoy your casual Thanksgiving with the guests.

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