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Warm Tones Are Coming Back

Warm Tones Are Coming Back


Featured Image: @laine_tay Product: KS1273ALBS

Each year brings new trends for kitchen and bathroom fixtures, but some styles also stay popular perennially. Bringing a new coziness or warmth to a room is often as easy as installing faucets and other fixtures with a specific finish. There’s no one warm tone to choose from for new bath and kitchen faucets. From shiny copper to reserved polished nickel, there is a trendy warm tone finish for every remodeling project.

Sophisticated Classic Style

For a kitchen or bathroom decorated in a classic style, both brass and bronze are good choices for introducing warm tones. Brass comes in a variety of finish options that all exude warmth, ranging from polished to darker oil-rubbed tones. Polished bronze is very warm, but darker