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How to Design Your Bathroom's Flow

How to Design Your Bathroom's Flow


Featured Image: @themisfithouse from Instagram – SKU: KS413SB Whether it’s a small half-bath or a large full-size bathroom, ensuring that the flow of a bathroom is optimized can help make the most of the space. Designing the ideal flow for any given bathroom will have a lot to do with the layout of the room and the desired style of the space.

For homeowners looking to redesign their bathroom’s flow, the following guide will outline four key steps to creating an optimal flow.

Do a Walkthrough

The first place to begin when designing the flow of a bathroom is with a walkthrough of the space. During the initial walkthrough, take note of the following:

  • What is the central focus of the room’s design?
  • How easy is it to navigate from one section of the bathroom to the next?
  • Are there any fixtures placed in locations that don’t make logical sense?

The key to the initial walkthrough is to be as objective as possible. Try to