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How to Choose an Aerator

How to Choose an Aerator


Featured Image: KA221C20 Throughout the home, there are many small items that help keep daily life running smoothly. In many cases, these small fixtures and features go unnoticed — until the day comes that they need to be replaced. One such small but mighty bathroom and kitchen fixture is the aerator. An aerator is attached to the end of a faucet and performs a simple but important task: turning a single stream of water into a non-splashing, aerated stream. By adding air to the water, the end result is a smooth-flowing and pressurized stream.

Kingston Brass carries a vast selection of aerators to match any style of faucet. In addition to providing a variety of styles, Kingston Brass also offers homeowners varied designs, finishes, and other added aerator features.

For the homeowner looking to choose a new aerator, the following guide will provide insights into picking the perfect aerator for any faucet.

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