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Getting to Know Various Types of Kitchen Faucets



When remodeling your kitchen there a lot of choices to be made.

You want to make sure that your new kitchen is not only visually appealing but functional. Besides your regular pull-down or pull-out kitchen faucets, there are a few other options that would help make your kitchen chores easier to handle:

Pre-Rinse Kitchen Faucets

Pre-rinse kitchen faucets are commonly used in professional food service kitchens–but because of its functionality there are residential equivalents which will offer the homeowner the same benefits as its commercial counterparts at a fraction of the cost.

Pre-rinse kitchen faucets usually have convenient long reach spouts and spring activated sprayers which expel a vigorous amount of water for washing. The spray heads either have levers or push-button switches to transform spray patterns … some of them delivering more water pressure.

Blasting off leftover food particles before placing them in the dishwasher is the primary function of these faucets. Generally, the water volume measures at 2.2 (GPM) gallons per minute at 60 PSI.

Pre-rinse kitchen faucets are constructed to be taller and sturdier. By pairing them with a commercial kitchen sink with ample depth you would be able to maximize the utility of your faucet. But even in your home with your standard kitchen it will still become the focal point and your most useful piece of equipment in your kitchen.

Pot Filler Faucets

Originally made popular in Chinese restaurants as wok faucets, the pot fillers have evolved quickly into a pasta pot fillers. Imagine holding a pot full of water weighing 8 pounds–a strenuous task for anybody.

The pot filler’s design and operation is very simple, It consists of a jointed arm that when fully stretched, reaches a distance of 20” from the wall. It has a main shut-off valve and an additional valve at the very spout to control flow, generally mounted on the wall behind the range.

They have now become another decorative (yet functional) addition to your kitchen décor.

With a few options offered, The KS3100 series, a traditional style faucet comes available in both lever and cross handle. The KS8100 series, a more contemporary version, features an assortment of fillers in many different handle options.

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