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FAQ SERIES 2: 10 questions/answers about pedestal and vessel sinks


Listed below are the most frequently asked questions sent by you regarding pedestal and vessel sinks from Fauceture: (More questions/answers will be listed in following months).


Q: How can a vessel sink be installed?
A: A vessel sink is a sink that rests partially (recessed installation) or completely above the surface (countertop installation) on the vanity. It does not install under the countertop. Vessel sinks are their own separate unit and need to be installed in a certain way.


Q: How do I pick the right sink for my bathroom?
A: Before choosing a sink, determine how much space you will need to install. Make sure the sink will fit to a countertop or cabinet base and leave enough room to install the faucet and any other bathroom accessory item.


Q: When do I choose a faucet for my new bathroom sink?
A: It is better to install the sink and the faucet at the same time. It will allow you to make all necessary alterations prior to installing any component.


Q: Do all sinks come with drains?
A: No, all sinks and drains are sold separately.


Q: How do I remove black marks that show up on my vitreous china sink?
A: Any kind of aluminum material rubbed up against vitreous china sinks may leave black marks. You may use a plastic scouring pad with a non-abrasive cleaner to remove black marks.


Q: How can I clean my sink on a daily basis?
A: No harsh cleaners or chemicals should be used to clean bathroom sinks. Simply use non-abrasive cleaners like soap and water will remove after each use. A small amount of lemon oil on a piece of cloth and wipe down the surface of vitreous china surface will make it shine.


Q: Why should I buy a pedestal wash basin?
A: Pedestal sinks are undeniably attractive and save space in the bathroom. All pedestal sinks provide pre-drilled faucet mounting holes and ease of installation. Pedestal style sinks come with matching pedestal bases. It’s a perfect choice for increasing the amount of open space in almost any bathroom.


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