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The Top Must-Have Accessories for Your In-Law Suite

The Top Must-Have Accessories for Your In-Law Suite


Featured Image – @dwelloctober from Instagram – SKU: KS8120ML An in-law suite is a wonderful add-on to any home. This small apartment-like area is often lofted above a garage or located in the basement or garden level of a home. In-law suites usually feature a studio-style living space with a small bathroom and kitchenette to give visitors or a parent who moves in the sense of independence and autonomy.

When designing an in-law suite, there are certain fixtures and accessories that help make the space more usable and enjoyable. The following guide will outline the top must-have fixtures and accessories for this compact space.

Must-Have Fixtures

The first place to begin when designing an in-law suite is with the suite’s fixtures. These fixtures will help make the living space practical and usable.

The Wet Bar

While in-law suites usually do not feature a full kitchen, it can be handy to build a small mini-kitchen to allow for basic meal prep. When doing so, the following are the top fixtures to purchase and install:

  • Bar prep sink: While traditional kitchen sinks might take up too much space in an in-law suite, a bar prep sink offers the perfect alternative.
  • Bar prep faucet: The perfect complement to a bar prep sink is a bar prep faucet. With these two pieces, a wet bar is created, making it possible to grab a glass of water or even do a few dishes in the small kitchenette.
  • Microwave, hot plate, and mini-fridge: To complete the in-law suite kitchenette, install a microwave, hot plate, and mini-fridge. This will offer guests or parents the chance to make a quick meal without the space a full-size kitchen requires.

A Compact Bathroom

One of the beautiful things about an in-law suite is that it offers the same comforts as the rest of the home, simply in a smaller space.

For this reason, most in-law suites feature a small bathroom. In this bathroom, the following are must-have pieces:

  • Wall-mounted faucet: These faucets take up less space as they mount directly into the wall. This frees up sink space and allows for a console-free setup.
  • Pedestal sink: A pedestal sink offers comfort and luxury while taking up very little square footage. Available in a variety of styles, there is something to match any suite design.

Best Add-On Accessories

In addition to the basics, there are a few add-on accessories that can help make an in-law suite cozy and welcoming.

  • Built-in soap dispensers: Free up the bar prep area and the bathroom sink with built-in soap dispensers. These dispensers help reduce clutter and create a more aesthetically pleasing space.
  • Robe hooks: Taking up very little space but helping to keep a small bathroom more organized, installing a robe hook is a nice added touch.
  • Towel storage options: Towel hooks, towel rings, towel bars, and towel warmers are all excellent options for keeping a small bathroom decluttered.

Shop Kingston Brass

Whether the in-law suite is rented out to a tenant or used to host family and friends, adding the right fixtures and accessories can make this space more enjoyable and comfortable. For homeowners designing an in-law suite, Kingston Brass is the perfect place to begin. Shop our online store for the top fixtures and accessories for any size space.

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