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Picking the Exact Placement for a Pot Filler Faucet

Picking the Exact Placement for a Pot Filler Faucet

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A kitchen is a great place for adding new fixtures and features that are on the cutting edge of trends. Pot filler faucets have only been available for a few decades now, but they’re rapidly becoming more popular due to their functionality and great style. Yet while it’s obvious exactly where to place a kitchen faucet installed at a sink, putting a faucet that’s over the range top is a new experience for most homeowners. These tips help with finding the perfect placement for a pot filler, which can vary depending on the kitchen.

Height Above the Burners


In general, the faucet spout needs to be placed anywhere from 16 to 22 inches above the surface of the range top or stove. The large amount of range in this number is based primarily on personal preference. Try grabbing the biggest stockpot used on the stove and add at least three or four inches to its height. That will ensure that the faucet clears the top of all pots and pans used in the kitchen with ease. Trying to cut the height too close to the top of the largest pot will only leave the faucet at risk of damage during regular use.

Horizontal Arrangement


Once the homeowner has figured out how high or low they want to place the pot filler, there’s still the question of horizontal placement. Centered placement is the most common choice, especially for larger multi-jointed designs with plenty of reach. The pot filler faucet is easily unfolded from its central position to reach all of the burners and even to the edges of both sides. Off-center placement may be a better choice if there is a particular high-heat burner that is almost exclusively used for boiling water and large pots of soup.

Consider a Deck Mounted Pot filler

In the ever-evolving world of kitchen appliances, the deck-mounted pot filler has emerged as an enticing option for homeowners. One of its key advantages is the elimination of the need to open walls and install pipes—a significant benefit that simplifies the installation process.

While the deck-mounted pot filler may not extend across the entire width of your range, with a projection of 20 inches, it still offers considerable value as an addition to your kitchen ensemble.

The height of the deck-mounted pot filler is set at 17 inches above the counter, providing sufficient clearance for most pots. This thoughtful design ensures that you can easily fill your pots without any obstructions, saving you time and effort in the kitchen.

Make the most of any pot filler faucet by optimizing its placement. For a busy enough kitchen, two or more pot fillers may be the best choice.

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