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How Hardware Accents Your Fixtures and Design

How Hardware Accents Your Fixtures and Design


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Hardware has a significant impact on your kitchen or bath. The specific hardware style and finish you choose can make or break the theme of your space. Some room themes range from modern, farmhouse, industrial, coastal and more. The hardware on cabinets and accessories can assist in completing a chosen theme precisely.

Kitchen Design

Within your kitchen, hardware is heavily seen on cabinet doors, entrance doors, and appliances. Whether your style is modern, farmhouse, or minimalist, the hardware can portray that and will be accompanied by the finish. If vintage-style hardware is used within a modern-style kitchen, it may not look cohesive versus if they were used in a farmhouse kitchen, it may be more easily paired. Finishes for hardware are similar to kitchen fixture finishes but may also be found in more expansive colors. Some common finishes are brass, chrome, black, and bronze and can be seen in many home designs. Kitchen fixtures can be accented by hardware finishes whether they are matched or mixed. Chrome and matte black are two finishes that are either paired with one another or are used cohesively throughout the kitchen. For example, a black faucet and chrome hardware may be used whereas on the opposite, matte black faucets and hardware will be matched. This plays a role in décor as well because it will set the tone for the theme and it will contribute to the design.

Bathroom Design

Due to the many accessories utilized in the bathroom, the finishes and styles of your hardware should be carefully considered to ensure a fluid design. Accessories such as shower curtain rods, towel bars and toilet tank levers all contribute to the design of the bathroom. The hardware should contain some resemblance to the existing fixtures and accessories to target the specific theme of the room. As described previously, hardware can be purchased in different styles and finishes such as chrome, brass, nickel, matte black and bronze. Kingston’s bathroom accessories and accessory sets come in these finishes and an array of styles.

The light or dark contrast of your hardware will heavily impact your kitchen or bathroom and can either make or change your design style. In addition, the style of your hardware such as knobs, bar pulls, cup pulls, arch pulls and more will contribute to achieving your preferred look. The finish of the hardware will accent your existing fixture’s finishes and should be done carefully and with precise decision-making to create a beautiful room. Visit Kingston for kitchen and bath accessories to add to your creations.

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