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DIY Bathroom Tips with The Inspired Room

DIY Bathroom Tips with The Inspired Room


Have you ever had a bathroom that didn’t quite fit the way the rest of your house looked? But you also didn’t want to spend a lot of money transforming it? Well, that’s exactly the situation Melissa Michaels from @theinspiredroom encountered. She was able to update her basement bathroom with some DIY and in one month no less! We are honored to be able to interview her on how she did it and to be able to share her biggest tips for remodeling on a time limit.

Three weeks, a budget, and lots of creativity.

Melissa’s game plan was to give her bathroom the most style possible without unnecessary mess or expenses. She advises that when you’re remodeling on a time limit and budget, it is important to assess which elements of the bathroom can stay.

Melissa Michaels from @theinspiredroom

What existing elements could be improved with paint?

What changes or updates would be simple enough to make on your timeline and budget, yet would make the most impact?

Do what you can to give the space a fresh new look, but don’t rush major decisions or changes if you will sacrifice quality or be unhappy with the final result.

The creation of a home you love takes time. Enjoy the process!

In this case, Melissa chose to keep her vanity and counters as vanity removal would cost too much time and effort. Plus, the vanity could easily be improved with a fresh coat of paint. Additionally, she opted for painting a fun pattern on one of the walls with a DIY stencil instead of wallpaper. While wallpaper could achieve the same effect and can also be budget-friendly, Melissa reasons that “you can’t beat paint for an inexpensive and easily changeable option for updating a room!” Painting your own design also means that you get to be as creative and unique as you want. It’s bound to be a fun statement wall unlike any other!

Painting aside, Melissa also replaced the lighting, faucets, and some bathroom accessories.

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Another way to instantly add lots of style points to a bathroom with minimal effort and money is to add an interesting piece that can tie all the design elements together and still serve as the focal point. For Melissa, this focal piece was her faucet. She says that it “not only gave the room style, but also improved the whole experience of using the space.”

At the end of the three-week limit, Melissa had effectively created a fresher coastal bathroom vibe with a bit of fun and whimsey.


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Key DIY Bathroom Ideas and Tips

  • Get creative with paint! DIY painting isn’t just about the walls. Painting the vanity, the mirror frame, or any other decor is an easy way to upgrade and customize!
  • Try making fun paint stencils with masking tape. You could even paint using more than one color.
  • Pick a stylish faucet to bring the space together with minimal supporting decor.
  • Switching out old hardware can make a big difference without breaking the bank.

About The Inspired Room

Melissa Michaels, also known as The Inspired Room, was voted number one fan favorite decorating blogger at Better Homes & Gardens in both 2015 and 2014. She is also the NY Times bestselling author of several homemaking books including the Dwell Well Collective that continues to inspire women to create homes they love.

Budget-conscious, she is fond of DIYs and enjoys sharing her experiences creating her own dream home, a remodeled 1950s cottage by the sea. Her style is bright and light, clean and simple, and coastal cozy.

The Inspired Room, Inspired

It’s not always easy staying inspired, so we asked Melissa what inspires her.

We found out that she pays special attention to others’ room designs that draw her in. She takes a moment to observe what exactly it is about the space that pulls her, and notes the aspects of the room that she would be capable of recreating in her own way. Whether it be the “architectural details, layout, color combinations, textures, the mood of the room, furniture choices, etc.,” Melissa finds that inspiration is everywhere and we admire her for that.

With so much of us cooped up at home these days, Melissa adds that when she is feeling stuck at home, she takes a break from the online world to reconnect with nature. Taking a walk or strolling around a garden store, a neighborhood of charming homes, or even just looking through a design book or magazine seems to help.

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