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Different Unique Style Options for Faucet Handles

Different Unique Style Options for Faucet Handles


When shopping for a kitchen or bathroom faucet, there’s more to consider than just the neck style and finish. The handles themselves do more than just adjust the flow and temperature of the water. They play an essential role in the overall style and appearance of the faucet. When looking for faucet handles that stand out, consider these design options.

Sleek Blade Handles

Blade handles are among the most stylish options for bathroom faucets in particular, but they’re popular in kitchens as well. These handles are named for the flat and narrow design that is often upswept or downswept at the end to make them easier to grab. This also creates a graceful look that often lends itself best to a traditional or vintage style. However, some blade handles are minimalist enough to offer a modern design.

Curved Single Handle Designs

Single handle faucet designs are easy to operate with both hands full, making them popular for both bathrooms and kitchens alike. However, some homeowners find them tricky to adjust and get just the right temperature and pressure level. A curved single handle offers more precise control for accurate adjustments in a hurry. There’s less fiddling to get the appropriate temperature with a properly designed single-handle faucet. Single handles located on one side of the faucet also tend to be easier to adjust smoothly than those mounted on the top or back.

Classic Cross Handles

Don’t overlook the appeal of traditional cross handles, especially for bathroom faucets. Porcelain-coated cross designs are eye-catching and easy to keep clean alike. But even ultra-modern polished chrome designs can bring style to a bathroom in need of a statement piece. Consider replacement faucet handles with modern cross designs to update an existing fixture.

Widespread Faucet Handles

Finally, the placement of the faucet handles themselves can also change their visual impact. While most of the listed handle types are mounted on a base or escutcheon along with the faucet neck, widespread designs space the handles out separately to draw attention to them. These faucets are available with a wide range of handle styles, all of them highlighting the design chosen.

Shop Kingston Brass

Find examples of all of these faucet handle styles and more at Kingston Brass. Combine the right handle design with a graceful neck and a compatible mounting style, and the search is complete. Consider different handle styles for bathroom and kitchen faucets to explore the full range of options throughout the home.

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