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Best Countertops for Busy Family Kitchens

Best Countertops for Busy Family Kitchens


Featured Image: @melisaclementdesigns_KS413SB When designing a kitchen for a busy family that uses the space multiple times a day, materials must be selected for more than just their beauty or price. Durability, stain resistance, and heat resistance are all crucial features for countertops for family kitchens.

It’s also important to consider how the materials pair with sinks, kitchen faucets, and other features. These four materials are a great choice for any busy kitchen.

Man-Made Quartz Countertops

Quartz is one of the toughest materials to use for a kitchen countertop. It’s among the most beautiful as well, but it’s more expensive than other man-made countertop materials. The one downside of this material is the chance of chipping at the edges, which can occur with any solid material like natural stone as well. The rounded edges on the counters and top-mount kitchen sinks help prevent that problem. It gives the kitchen the full benefit of the stain and heat resistance of this material.

Soapstone for Natural Appeal

Soapstone is one of the natural stone countertop options less commonly seen in homes today. However, it has plenty of benefits to recommend it for busy kitchens.

It’s one of the least porous natural stone materials. Unlike granite or marble, sandstone doesn’t need regular sealing to keep it stain-resistant and easy to clean. It oxidizes slowly to grow darker with time, making it important to choose the right finish for the kitchen faucet paired with it.

A specialty faucet is a good choice, such as a bridge faucet or wall-mounted design, making a strong statement and the stone’s veining and texture.

Artistic Recycled Glass

For an artistic look that fits modern and eclectic kitchen designs, try a recycled glass countertop. While these countertops can still be damaged by the heaviest objects if dropped, they’re resistant to heat, staining, and more.

The non-porous material is easy to clean and sanitize, even when the surface is frosted or textured to increase grip. A wide variety of color patterns and combinations are available in this material, making it easy to match any kitchen accessories.

Classic Granite Countertops

Finally, granite is the most durable natural stone that’s popular today. It remains one of the most commonly installed kitchen countertop materials, even after years of topping the charts. The material is stain and heat-resistant, but it does require routine sealing to stay this way. It’s also not possible to sand out stains as it can with sandstone.

After selecting a new countertop material for the kitchen, it’s time to find sinks, faucets, and more to match from Kingston Brass. The selection of kitchen features includes every style and design popular today, making it easy to complete any new construction or remodeling project.

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