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Bathroom Remodel Ideas and Trends in 2021

Bathroom Remodel Ideas and Trends in 2021


Featured Image – @heyitsjovanna from Instagram – SKU: FSC8933NDL There’s no need to completely overhaul every bathroom in the house just to get on-trend for bathroom looks in 2021. Basic updates can make a big difference in the overall appearance of a bathroom due to the smaller size of these rooms. When swapping out fixtures and looking for new trends to try in 2021, incorporate a few of these ideas into your next bathroom remodel.

Small Soaking Tubs

One of the biggest trends of 2021 and beyond is actually quite small. Homeowners (and buyers) want soaking tubs for relaxation, but they want them in increasingly smaller bathroom spaces. Small tubs are the solution. With mini bathtubs available as small as 48 inches in length, it’s possible to stick a tub in almost any guest or master bathroom. There’s no need to sacrifice the experience of soaking just because there’s limited space available.

Big Neutral Tiles

Subway tiles and other small tiles were popular for years, but they’re starting to fall out of favor. Even in bright colors or unusual shapes, subway tiles are giving way to bigger and more neutral-looking tiles. Large format tiles aren’t just smoother to look at, they’re easier to keep clean due to the reduced grout lines and can be set closer together in many installations. Marble patterns are particularly popular, whether the homeowner chooses patterned porcelain or real slabs of natural stone.

Fluted Features

Many bathroom designers are going back to the height of Art Deco indulgence for inspiration to design new fixtures and features. Bathroom faucets with finely fluted necks and flared lever handles fit perfectly into this trend. Other options to tie the design together include matching tub fillers, curved and fluted edges on vanities, and console sinks with vintage style.

Going Green

On a literal level, green is hot in any bathroom design for 2021. It’s one of the most widely used colors for tile, wall paint, flooring, and more. Aside from working the color into permanent features, adding more live or faux plants to the design also helps introduce shades of green without such a commitment. Anything that invokes a misty forest pool is great for embracing this bathroom trend.

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Find finely fluted fixtures and tubs in all sizes at Kingston Brass. With a wide range of bathroom features and accessories, there’s something for every remodel. And remember—no bathroom remodel is complete until details like towel rings and bars are in place.

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