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Bathroom decor tips for increasing your home's Value

Bathroom decor tips for increasing your home's value


Whether you plan on selling your home sometime soon or far off in the future, you should design each room in your house so that it increases the value of your dwelling. This way, it will be much easier to sell and will likely go for a larger price.

Opt for neutrals
While you may like a splash of bright green, blue or purple, neutral colors appeal to a larger number of people. So before you plan on selling your home, go over your walls with a fresh coat of paint – preferably in a neutral hue like white, beige or cream.

Keep it simple
You can create a beautiful, contemporary bathroom without the help of an interior designer by looking through magazines, books and design websites. A modern style calls for a simple layout – opt for a freestanding tub in your bathroom for a crisp focal point and surround it with details like a patterned rug or a neutral-colored backsplash. Make sure to replace all of the
antique bath fixtures on your tub and sink for an updated look. These small improvements can really pay off in the long run.

Clean regularly
With busy schedules, maintaining a regular cleaning routine in the bathroom can be tough. However, doing so can not only attract buyers, it prevents potential problems from developing before they turn into expensive ones. For example, by keeping your floor and bath sparkling clean, you’ll prevent dirt from building up over time.

Replace overhead lighting
Lighting should never be overlooked. If you have overhead lighting, consider swapping it out for wall mounts, which can create a warm ambiance in the bathroom. Also add side lighting around your mirror to eliminate shadows. Having a bathroom with beautiful lighting can immediately boost the value of your home.

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