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5 Ways To Increase Your Shower's Overall Comfort

5 Ways To Increase Your Shower's Overall Comfort

A shower is a perfect place to unwind after a long day or to energize and prepare for a busy day ahead. Regardless of when a shower is being utilized, the goal is to create a comfortable oasis where one can enjoy a peaceful moment of relaxation while washing away the day's worries.

Creating a comfortable shower is all about improving its features and accessories. This allows homeowners to customize their showers to match their personal comfort preferences. From improved shower heads to grab bars for safety, check out the five top ways to increase the comfort of a shower.

#1: Upgrade the Shower Head

A good shower begins with the shower head. A shower head is responsible for creating a steady flow of water, allowing homeowners to enjoy the exact water pressure desired. Unfortunately, old, outdated shower heads do the opposite. They often leak, sputter, or provide weak water flow.

Not only that, but newer shower heads are chock full of features. More than simply a single faucet head on the wall, modern shower heads are dynamic fixtures designed with ultimate comfort in mind.

For the homeowner looking to improve their shower, the following are all perfect upgrades:

  • A shower head with a handheld add-on: A handheld shower is a convenient way to transform a shower into a more comfortable experience. Homeowners can either opt for a shower head attached to a moveable hose or a combination with a stationary shower head and a mounted handheld option. Either way, handheld showers are not only a comfort upgrade but can also be a perfect pick for homeowners with accessibility needs. Also, handheld showers make it easier to bathe kids and pets and even wash down items around the house.
  • A rain shower head: Nothing is quite as soothing as a shower under a rain shower head. The rainfall effect that these shower heads produce is relaxing, offering a calming water flow. Not only that, but with their large design, the water flow covers a wider area, offering an improved shower experience. This perfect pairing for a modern shower provides a touch of extra design to the space.
  • A shower head with adjustable settings: From a powerful massage to a gentle but steady stream of water, an adjus