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5 Must-Have Pieces from the Claremont Collection

5 Must-Have Pieces from the Claremont Collection


Featured Image – SKU: KS8792CQLLS Making a strong statement in a bathroom requires the use of matching fixtures and accessories. Kingston Brass offers dozens of different collections to make it easy to put together a coherent style statement in any bathroom. The Claremont Collection is no exception, featuring dozens of pieces that work well together. Here are five of the very best pieces in this collection to base a design around.

1. Kingston Brass KS2961CQL 8 in. Widespread Bathroom Faucet

For a contemporary bathroom faucet that can hold its own with large sinks, try the KS2961CQL. This three-hole faucet has a generous 8-inch spread that helps it anchor the feature on a dark or patterned vanity top as well. Solid brass construction helps the faucet last through the years, but it’s the curved neck and minimalist lever handles that catch the eye.

2. Kingston Brass KX8221 Claremont 12″ Square Shower Head

Shower heads must be functional, but the Claremont collection proves they can be beautiful at the same time. The 12” KX8221 shower head from this collection is a true testament to the experience of luxury bathing. It is a true rainfall shower experience with 130 individual water channels. The bold square design is particularly elegant in the matte black and rubbed bronze finishes.

3. Kingston Brass KS8665CQL Claremont 4 in. Centerset Bathroom Faucet

Need a bathroom faucet that manages to send a modern message while still hinting at classic vintage style? Try the KS8665CQL 4-inch centerset faucet. With a molded base and streamlined lever handles, it’s an anchor that completes any smaller sink or vanity. A bold curving neck provides a smooth flow for daily handwashing.

4. Kingston Brass KB86520CQL Claremont Tub & Shower Faucet

Don’t leave the tub out of the Claremont Collection fun. The KB86520CQL is a tub and shower faucet set that completes the surround with less effort. Clean shapes and smooth cylindrical details give this set a high-end look that complements any modern tile. Flexible installation options allow for the placement of the tub faucet and shower head at any height.

5. Kingston Brass KTCL8 Claremont Toilet Tank Lever

Don’t overlook the toilet when putting the finishing touches on a bathroom remodel. The KTCL8 toilet tank handle from the Claremont Collection ties this part of the bathroom back to the other more noticeable fixtures. It has a powerful rectangular design that elevates the everyday experience. Three different finish options give homeowners far more decorative options than the average toilet tank lever.

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Consider the Claremont Collection at Kingston Brass for any bathroom remodel or renovation aimed at modernizing an older home. While these fixtures are all modern in design, they tend to feature little details that hint back at traditional or vintage styles.

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