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4 Kitchen Upgrades to Make a Small Space More Usable

4 Kitchen Upgrades to Make a Small Space More Usable


Featured Image: @loveresideshere Faucet: LS8770DL Filtration Faucet: KSAG8190DL A small kitchen doesn’t have to mean less functionality. If you utilize the space the right way, a small kitchen can be a wonderful space for cooking and easy cleanup. The key to making a small kitchen more usable is to implement the right fixtures and features.

Kingston Brass carries some of the best sinks, faucets, and other items to improve small kitchen spaces. Whether for a quick renovation or a full tear-out remodel, all the necessary fixtures are available.

Have a small kitchen? Check out these four kitchen upgrades that will help make the space more usable and less cramped.

1. Installing a Pot Filler

A pot filler is a great addition to a small kitchen space. Pot fillers are placed behind the stove, allowing the filling of pots and pans from the stovetop itself. This can be a great way to cut down on clutter in the kitchen, as well as improve the flow of the space.

Pots don’t have to be filled in the small kitchen sink and then transferred to the stove; they can be stored on the stove and quickly filled with water, all without needing to be moved. Pot fillers come in a number of styles and finishes, which makes it easy to match them with any existing design.

2. Choosing a Deep Basin Sink

When a kitchen space is tight, it can benefit from a deeper sink. These sinks don’t require a double basin for more room to wash dishes. The deep basin makes it easy to quickly clean things and de-clutter counter tops. Swapping out a shallow single basin for a farmhouse style or other deep well sink can make a small kitchen more usable.

3. Adding a Built-In Drawer/Cabinet Organizers

Another way to create more space in a small kitchen is to add in built-in organizers to the drawers and cabinets as well as shelving. These organizers will make it simple to separate items, move items off the countertop, and keep the entire space cleaner.

Common built-ins include pantry platforms, custom spice racks, and cutlery organizers.

4. Use Modern and Sleek Fixtures

Modern fixtures with sleek and minimalist designs are ideal for small kitchens. The simple lines of modern features allow for a cleaner, more organized look. In a small space, this can help cut down on visual clutter.

To make small kitchens more functional and less cluttered, consider upgrading a few key fixtures in the room. Kingston Brass carries all the quality fixtures needed to convert a kitchen into a usable, stylish space.

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